"4 Voices Unheard" by Aleia Kristene - Screenplay Promotional Visual

Creator: Aleia Kristene
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
Bigger than the Ice Bucket Challenge
Synopsis: #4VoicesUnheard is not to be confused with a documentary. Yet it is a screenplay from the heart. It covers the lives of a close-knit family, and their tragic 1 by 1 diagnosis of ALS. A modern day "Soul Food", with a twist. I know that this story and script is incredible enough to be funded by the help of others. So I need your help. Please use this visual to see a background into the minds of some of the real life story characters. This is not fictional. Let's get some amazing actors, producers, and icons behind this film and help bring it to life. Continue to share this with your friends and pass it along!

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