Creator: Richard Clark
Age rating: Everyone
A fearful accountant is thrown into the terrifying world of a thrillseeking cop when a fortune teller accidentally switches their fortunes.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Alex Avery has too much tension in his life. His boss is driving him crazy. His fiancee is cheating on him... with his boss. He just wants things to slow down.

Detective Jessie Malone is a cop who's dying to experience some action on the street. But stake-outs are boring, paperwork slows her down at the office, and the bad guys just don't fight back the way they always do in movies.

Both Alex and Jessie separately go to a fortune teller, wondering if their unhappy lives will change. And they do. A lot. Alex's and Jessie's fortunes get switched, and suddenly Alex's life becomes INTENSELY thrilling and dangerous, and Jessie's becomes INCREDIBLY easy and unexciting.

They both try to track each other down to get their own fortunes back, but when they do, they stumble upon a criminal conspiracy that they have to work together to uncover. Their partnership, which becomes romantic, teaches them both to take life as it comes.

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