"Dont Shoot The Ice Cream Man"

Creator: David P Ward
Age rating: Everyone
The true story of James Waste, a CIA undercover agent working the Soviet Union and after it fell apart.
Synopsis: With a guilt complex about being just too young for WWII,
pregnant for Korea and too old for Viet Nam, in 1973 this California
engineer/sportsman antique dealer in San Francisco is enlisted by the
CIA as an independent operative to observe the coming economic and
physical deterioration behind The Iron Curtain at ground level.
For the next almost thirty years, he makes forty-five trips behind
that Curtain to evaluate the slow political and financial demise of the
Soviet Union which U2's and satellites could never see from up high.
Numerous life-threatening experiences and escapes are involved
on many occasions.
He deals with people such as Eduard Schardrnadze, George
Shultz, James Baker and the likes during the several years setting up the
troubled regions of the break-away Southern Republics of the CIS.
All this and he can’t tell anyone... specially his family. He’s just
the ‘guy-next-door’ who travels for several mundane reasons.

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