Ghost Writer

Creator: Steve Hemmert
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
An unscrupulous screenwriting teacher steals the work of a deceased student to land a major motion picture contract.
A poor, simple janitor, Martin Stuckey loves the movies and dreams of being a screenwriter. He saves his money and enrolls in a Hollywood writing class led by huckster and womanizer Walter Lawrence.
On the eve of submitting his screenplay to the class, Martin celebrates by going to the store to purchase a bottle of champagne where he is killed in a robbery.
After the funeral, Martin’s wife Nancy finds the script and delivers it to Walter, believing that’s what Martin would have wanted.
Walter is so impressed by the script that he claims the work as his own. Soon he is on his way to a major motion picture deal and more money then he’s ever seenin his life.
In heaven, Martin is determined to return to Earth to see his family and formally say goodbye. Granted thirty days, Martin comes back searching for Nancy and his daughter Jackie. However, their mobile home is now inhabited by a gang of bikers and they are not at any of the places they used to go together.
Ready to give up, Martin stumbles upon Nancy having dinner with Walter. Hurt, he follows them to Walters new Townhouse where he not only discovers Nancy and Jackie living with Walter, but that Walter has stolen Nancy's heart and.... Martin’s script.
Enraged, Martin begins to cause trouble for Walter. But soon realizes an opportunity is at hand. Walter is a horrible writer and will need Martins help on the re-writes the director has requested.
Asking help from God, Walter gets an quick answer from Martin who promises to help as long as his wife Nancy gets half of the money. If not? Martin will make sure some way, some how, that Walter pays for his indiscretion.
What ensues is an odd yet hilarious partnership, resulting in both Martin and Walter discovering the true meaning of teamwork, forgiveness and love.

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