Nevin @ Chip

Creator: James Sheehy
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Nevin and Chip: A man and a talking squirrel, the beginning of a beautiful friendCHIP. Meet Nevin and his squirrel friends, Chip and grilfriend Shelly(allergic to nuts), uncle Pretzel, Pop Corn, his Mom Hazel Nott. And by the way, they can communicate with humans!
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Title: Nevin and Chip
Written by: James Sheehy
Genre: Comedy

After another disastrous day at work, Nevin(30’s, a walking disaster) takes a stroll in the park where he meets with an outspoken squirrel named Chip(who trains watchdogs, sings and dances) Popcorn (Chip's Dad), grumpy Uncle Pretzel and lovable Shelly (Chip’s girlfriend) who’s unfortunately allergic to nuts and finally Bruno, a watchdog in training. Nevin will also later meet with Hazel Nott(Chip’s Mom?. Nevin learned that Pop and Hazel got divorced.

Wary from past experience with humans, the squirrels are cautious and only talk to a few they can trust. But still Nevin and Chip become close friends and share thoughts about the world. In the meantime, Nevin learn that Dorothy who he has a big crush on at work, is getting married. Shattered, Nevin still decides to go back to school (as he planned to impress Dorothy) where he meets Teri-Lynn, the girl of his dream. Later on, Nevin and Chip get into an argument but reconcile after Chip seek his help to save Shelly who he found unconscious. Nevin takes Shelly to see his Uncle Trevor, a retired physician and save the day.
The squirrels and Bruno return the favor as Teri-Lynn and Nevin are threatened by muggers in the park.

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