Creator: Gerard Harris
Age rating: Everyone
Dragupons have lived upon this Earth all along. Long before you and I , looking after the land, sea and sky. This is the tale of 1 Dragupon called Craicadawn, who sets fire to the moon and makes it the sun, but one morning his spark is gone and darkness falls across the land
Synopsis: The Dragupons have lived upon this Earth all along. Long before you and I , looking after the land, sea and sky . This the tale of one Dragupon called Craicadawn, who every morning breaths fire on the moon and turns it into the sun. But one morning his spark is gone and everyone is thrown into darkness, until they learn how to help Craicadawn get it back again. Craicadawn’s story within the Dragupons world is also a metaphor to teach children to open up about their feelings. Helping them to know that it is ok to talk to someone about what they are going through, however big or small the problem seems, be it setting fire to the moon in the morning to give everyone daylight or just going to school and getting through the day.
But this is all done within the fun world of the Dragupons, where you also meet along with Craicadawn, Sparkleshore Lee who is one of the biggest Dragupons and her job is to control the ocean tides by sitting in the sea once in the morning and once at night (like sitting into a bath) making them go in and out just right. Then there is Moss Bracken who looks after every creature and plant within all the forests and also not forgetting Angus and Looloo MacBoo, who try to help around peoples houses when they are a sleep, but they are a bit clumsy these two and they end up making those silly banging noises children hear in the middle of the night that give them a fright. The Dragupons stories are tales of caring for our planet and each other.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Dragupons Storybook Trailer
    Creative Notes:
    This video is my movie trailer for my storybook Dragupons that I wrote in 2015 and which hasn't been published yet. I made it to give a sense of the feeling and passion to care there is within the story.