The Amazing Adventures of Caterpillar Pete and the Incredible Buck Butterfly

Creator: Gerard Harris
Age rating: Everyone
Like all great superhero alter egos, Pete is not your normal caterpillar, for when danger calls he transforms within his “Special Chrysalis” to become The Incredible Buck Butterfly.
Synopsis: This is the true story about a little nice caterpillar named Pete who when is needed transforms into (inside his Special Chrysalis/Pod, just like Superman in a telephone booth) The incredible Buck Butterfly, who we find in this adventure battling an erupting volcano on an island and having to travel into outer Space to retrieve an “Ice Comet” which he knows he can use to drop into the volcano and extinguish it and save the day once again. Showing that regardless how small you maybe, you can still achieve big things in life.
I wanted to create a film noir type superhero for the younger viewer where there is no real violence and that there doesn't always need to be a bad guy to fight against everyime. This could be a great stand alone movie or a very special series of adventures that are both funny and educational.

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