Hunter and Ellie's Home for the Diseased and Dying

Creator: Jillian Smart
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
When Hunter's best friend, Ellie, begs for help breaking her ailing grandfather out of the hospital, he reluctantly agrees. As the three embark on an intrepid road trip, Hunter is pushed to challenge his genuine feelings for Ellie as she grapples with her own recklessness.
Synopsis: Hunter Montgomery, 18, is an awkward, clever, and wise-beyond-his-years soon-to-be high school graduate who is completely and undeniably in love with his kind, reckless, and stubborn best friend, Ellie Watson.

When Ellie announces that her grandfather, Ken, has only days left to live, Hunter is distraught in knowing that there’s nothing he can do to help her. Later that morning, Ellie’s aggressive and domineering boyfriend, Luke, blows off plans with Ellie and her family to throw a party for one of his friends, so Ellie invites Hunter instead. At dinner, Ellie is furious when she learns that, despite his desperate wanting to be home, her mother is keeping Ken in the hospital until his death. Immediately upon hearing this, she begs Hunter to help her kidnap Ken from the hospital and drive five hours away to Luke’s family cottage, where he will be able to die in a much more pleasant and dignified abode. Begrudgingly, Hunter agrees.

In order to steal the keys to the beach house, Ellie breaks into Luke’s party that night, where she catches him cheating on her. Much to Hunter’s chagrin, she breaks up with him immediately. They depart the next morning, and Hunter’s unease is only magnified when he learns that, in order to gain Ken’s compliance to leave the hospital, Ellie dishonestly told him that the rest of his family would be waiting for him at the beach house.

While on the road, Ken’s health deteriorates quickly in between bouts of sharp, violent coughing fits. However, he still manages to offer Ellie a few words of loving reassurance and Hunter an aggressive push to pursue Ellie romantically, confessing to him that he’s known for years how Hunter feels about her. Hunter pressures Ellie to come clean to her grandfather about lying to him, though she refuses, set in her strong belief that she’s doing the right thing.

Upon arriving at the beach house, Ken quickly realises that Ellie has lied to him and that, as a consequence, he’ll never see his daughter again, which infuriates and horrifies him. He demands to be put to bed and refuses to speak to Ellie, which prompts her crashing emotional collapse as she realizes that, despite her good intentions, she has made a catastrophic and reprehensible mistake. After Hunter assures her that, though her plan lacked forethought, her intent was ultimately good, and so she should not be so hard on herself. After an almost intimate encounter, the two fall asleep.

Ken’s condition plummets as the two are wakened abruptly by a piercing, torturous coughing fit. As Ellie and Hunter, afraid and entirely unprepared, await Ken’s imminent decease, Ellie’s family unexpectedly burst through the front door. Hunter admits that he called them after Ken and Ellie’s falling out. Ellie is grateful as she and her family gather swiftly around Ken as he dies.

Days later, Hunter struggles to write his valedictorian speech, as he is mourning the loss of Ken and cannot seem to draw his attention away from Ellie, so he plagiarizes one off of the Internet. However, as he stands behind the podium, donning a cap and gown and his valedictorian cords, he abandons his cue cards and sets off on an extemporaneous soliloquy in which he confesses his love for Ellie. After earning a standing ovation from the crowd, Hunter hastily exits the gym. Ellie, confused and bewildered, follows quickly after him.

After finding Hunter slumped outside of the school entrance, Ellie sits down beside him and the two engage in a sharp, playful conversation that is typical of their friendship before Ellie grabs his face with both hands and swiftly leans over to kiss him.

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  • Script 7 - Jillian's 7th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I cleaned up Act 2, Scene 13 when Ellie and Hunter dance for Ken, adding a little more realism to the situation and punching up the dialogue.
  • Script 6 - Jillian's 6th Draft
    Creative Notes:
  • Script 5 - Jillian's 5th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is my fifth revision in like, 24 hours because there is no such thing as a perfect script. I will not stop and there's nothing anyone can do to save me. Anyway, I kept reading through my script and found a slew of mistakes and stupid passages that somehow slipped through the eight freaking drafts I did. Sorry if 5 drafts on here is annoying, but trust me, nobody is more upset than me.
  • Script 4 - Jillian's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I thought I'd fixed everything but apparently I'm a dumb idiot. This version is free of typos and I punched up the dialogue and direction a little bit to make it flow more smoothly. I also took out some of the "cheese" because we've all seen The Fault in Our Stars more than we needed to.
  • Script 3 - Jillian's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This draft has slight revisions
  • Script 2 - Jillian's 2nd Draft
  • Script 1 - Jillian's Original Draft