Creator: John Lavernoich
Age rating: 13 and older
They were hired to find and rescue two kidnapped children -- and got more than they bargained for.
Synopsis: On a Spring weekday evening, in McLean, Virginia, after district judge Philip Rhysher and his wife Wilma return home from a dinner date, they not only learn that their children Mark and Lena have mysteriously disappeared without a struggle, but that the children's babysitter (and next-door neighbor) Connie Ryan has died through equally-mysterious means. A note inside an envelope attached to Connie's corpse reveals that the criminal mastermind called Dr. Olympus kidnapped the Rhyser children for several reasons, including forcing Judge Rhyser to address the United Nations assembly in New York City next week and tell the UN member nations' governments (via their ambassadors) to surrender to Dr. Olympus next week.

The following day, Connie's father Matthew Ryan phones Mrs. Rysher out of concern for her and Judge Rhyser, and suggests that the Rhysers hire a detective agency to find their children – Mr. Ryan suggests Chameleons, Inc., whose Internet website he came across a few weeks ago, and which has a nearly-100% success rate. That evening, Mrs. Rhyser e-mails Chameleons, Inc., asking them to find and rescue Mark and Lena (while keeping it a secret from Judge Rhyser). The next morning, inside Chameleons, Inc.'s secret headquarters in Ventura, California, Cindy Markham, the detective agency's leaders, reads and responds to Mrs. Rhyser's e-mail letter, telling her that Chameleons, Inc. will find and rescue her and Judge Rhyser's children. Not long after, up above in the Mega-Music Store building, Cindy tells her colleagues Jennifer Louis, Brooke Clarke, Michelle Reynolds, and Sasha Cornwall, as well as business manager Rhonda Hawkes (who knows her employers' dual identities) concerning their current case. That night, at her Sherman Oaks home, Cindy receives a visit from Sasha's mother Meredith Cornwall (who's also aware of Cindy and her colleagues' dual identities, as well as helping to finance their dual businesses), as we learn the reasons why Cindy, Jennifer, Brooke, Michelle, and Sasha gave up promising music careers to form Chameleons, Inc. Not long after, Cindy visits her boyfriend, FBI agent Kyle Oswald (who also knows Cindy and her colleagues' dual identities), at his Century City apartment, where she learns information on Dr. Olympus that's been gathered by the FBI.

By early-tomorrow morning, the female detectives travel in their private jet as they fly eastward to Washington, D.C. Late the next morning, while Judge and Mrs. Rhyser are out of their home, Brooke, disguised as a homeless man, gains access to their house (with Mrs. Rhyser's blessing), where she not only finds some mini-gas cylinders manufactured by Revelations Chemicals (which turns out to be a front for Dr. Olympus' criminal operations), but also encounters and subdues three of Dr. Olympus' costumed henchmen, who mysteriously entered the Rhyser home to pressure Judge Rhyser into carrying out their boss's orders.

Later on, that afternoon, the female detectives learn from Rhonda that nightclub owner and suspected drug lord Percy Karlo is hosting a dinner party for some of his criminal colleagues at the 86 Club in Georgetown, Virginia tonight. That night, the female detectives, disguised as a British rock group, go to the 86 Club, where they not only stop twelve of Dr. Olympus' henchmen from killing Karlo, but also capture and force the crime boss to reveal important information connected to Dr. Olympus; by early the next morning, Karlo is in police custody, along with the evidence needed to convict him.

At the beginning of next week, the female detectives enter the Revelations Chemicals building in Alexandria, Virginia, where they not only rescue Mark and Lena Rhysher, who've been unconscious and drugged yet alive since last week, but also encounter Dr. Olympus, whose henchmen almost succeed in killing both the female detectives and the Rhyser children. After getting them out of harm's way, the female detectives deliver the Rhyser children to George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C., where the youngsters come out of their drugged coma and recover from their ordeal over the next day. The following afternoon, at the Rhyser home in McLean, Virginia, Brooke reunites Judge and Mrs. Rhyser with their children, prompting Judge Rhyser to head to New York City – where, tomorrow morning, he addresses the United Nations assembly and urges the UN member countries' governments to stand up to and stop Dr. Olympus' criminal rampage. Not long after, the female detectives use their laptop computers to hack into Dr. Olympus' computer files and discover a number of blueprints for some of Dr. Olympus' other headquarters, including one in California, where they correctly deduce that he'll head out to within the next day.

The following evening, after returning to Los Angeles, the female detectives and Rhonda meet at Cindy's home, where she tells her colleagues that the Greek ocean liner Odyssey is anchored out in the Pacific Ocean, and is connected to Dr. Olympus' criminal plans. The following afternoon, after the female detectives travel to their secret underwater headquarters via subway car, Cindy, Brooke, and Michelle don scuba-diving gear and head out into the Pacific Ocean to board the Odyssey, where they eventually learn – among other things – that Dr. Olympus is in reality a hi-tech android which is blown to bits before the three women successfully leave the Odyssey and head into the ocean and back to their underwater HQ. Within the next twenty-four hours, the female detectives successfully deduce that Dr. Olympus' headquarters is located underneath the Pacific Ocean, in the same area that the Odyssey was anchored prior to it returning to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon when it was revealed that the liner's crew members were murdered.

By early-tomorrow evening, inside Dr. Olympus' underwater headquarters, Professor Hans Rubinstein, who played a role in the criminal's latest plot – to teleport various computerized weapon vehicles from the underwater headquarters to twenty of the world's political capitals tomorrow morning and destroy them – has already learned Dr. Olympus' darkest secret, which makes him the target of a mysterious assassin who's out to kill him, thus causing Rubinstein to flee for his life. Not long after, the female detectives, in full scuba-diving gear, travel to Dr. Olympus' underwater headquarters in their hi-tech submarine – and soon after, gain access to the building. There, the female detectives not only come across the underwater headquarters' armory that houses the weapons to be used in Dr. Olympus' genocidal plan tomorrow morning – but also face, via closed-circuit video, the real masterminds behind this: the leaders of the 666 Committee, a super-criminal organization bent on world domination who use androids disguised as super-criminals to help carry out their plans, including the one disguised as Dr. Olympus. In the end, however, the female detectives use a magnetic jamming device to disable the microchips inside the weapon vehicles to render them useless – not long after, they witness on the armory's close-circuit video screen, an earthquake presumably caused by the Devil that kills the 666 Committe's leaders. Soon after, the female detectives come across Professor Rubinstein, who successfully subdued his would-be killer and who reveals to the five women that the 666 Committee murdered Dr. Olympus' henchmen for fear that their existence might be revealed to the world. Not long after Rubinstein uses one of Dr. Olympus' teleportation rays to transport him and his would-be killer to the nearest police station on-shore, the female detectives plant and activate several powerful computerized bombs throughout the underwater headquarters – and which explode and destroy the massive building, not long after the five women depart and head back to HQ in their submarine.

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