A Quest for Angels

Creator: Gene Cartwright
Age rating: Everyone
A precocious, high-spirited 7-year-old girl overcomes health issues, with help from her terrier from a pet store that never existed; has a jaw-dropping close encounter of the 4th kind; saves her parents from bad guys, and proves the unfailing power of love.
Synopsis: Synopsis: Seven-year-old Emma Stewart is, at first glance, a normal, spirited, southern California girl. She lives a storybook life with her mother, the founder and CEO of a major ad company, and her father, a successful attorney and former Wall Street banker. All live in a multi-million dollar estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

There's just one thing: Emma battles Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Yet, she is a tower of strength for her mother, Kharen and father, Paul. Her zest for life gives them courage.

On the day she turns seven, she's awakened from a dream that leaves her calling out for her father, who is away on a business trip. She opens her eyes and finds her concerned mother sitting next to her.

Later, both meet their father at Long Beach Airport and travel, via limousine, to their Palos Verdes home. They arrive and are greeted by their house staff, including their charming English housekeeper, Agnes Hudson, and one unexpected surprise birthday present: Shasta. To Emma's shock and surprise, Shasta is a gorgeous, five-month-old, Jack Russell Terrier with a gold bow around his neck.

From the beginning, it is clear Shasta is an unusual dog. He seems to have an unusual ability to understand verbal communication, especially from Emma. The two form an inseparable union. Emma's physicians credit the love they share with helping her leukemia to go into remission. Her parents are ecstatic.

Then tragically, only months after Shasta's arrival, he is lost as result of being struck by a speeding car in front of their home. Everyone is devastated. The pain Emma suffers is nearly unbearable. Her doctors fear the worst, and it is realized. She falls out of remission. All attempts to alter her condition and boost her spirits seem to fail.

Just when it seems all is lost, Emma's spirits appear to rise for no apparent reason. One day her mother overhears her appearing to talk and play with Shasta. She even finds Shasta's blanket next to her daughter's bed. In reality, Shasta does return to Emma. However, only she can see him, and cannot convince anyone else of this fact.

A child psychologist is consulted. Emma's parents are advised to simply allow her to have her fantasy. However, Emma's pretense escalates. Suddenly, she mysteriously disappears, while at home, in her room, as her father works in his study. Her mother arrives home from a meeting to find her missing. There is no logical explanation.

What follows is panic, a frantic search, and police involvement. All fear Emma has been kidnapped. In fact, hours later intruders—enemies of her father—who are part of a scheme hatched by a fellow attorney, make an actual attempt. All this happens, even as the police investigate Emma's unexplained disappearance.

In the end, the plot is foiled. Kharen and Paul witness Emma's return, and experience a 'Close encounter of the Fourth Kind' that defies their understanding. Shasta's miraculous re-appearance—reincarnation—has a stunning effect on Emma's illness, and results in her success-driven parents realizing there is more to life than busy schedules and the pursuit of wealth and fame. Then there is the final scene twist no one will see coming.

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