Creator: Edward Rosenthal
Age rating: 17 and older
When the actors of a movie called The Real Thing notice that they haven't been chosen solely for their acting skills and good looks, it might already be too late for them to escape the script’s deadly plot.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: First part (of two):
When entering the movie theater hall people marvel because the traditional hall has disappeared and given room to a Movie Theater altered in such a way to match the movie about to be shown. Where normally there are nine seats, there’s only one. The area generally occupied by another eight seats surrounding the ninth is showing and at the same time hiding a special machine that’s individual for every seat, destined to play a role of its own further on.
While headphones put themselves on their ears and masks to their mouths, and “metallic protections” surround arms, bellies, and legs of the spectators, Quiroga the host gives a speech, explaining his heart’s desire that not only actors enter their characters but also the spectators do so, in order to being able to feel what the actors feel, and by doing so become the lead actors of the movie. And it’s just that what’s about to happen: the audience will become the “players”; to every spectator an actor of the movie is assigned, and every one of them will feel what “his actor” feels during the presented movie happenings. That’s how Alfredo happens to feel exactly the same way the main actor of the movie is supposed to feel in his role.
Every spectator represents a soldier of a unit that’s going to war. Alfredo’s character is in love with Andrea, a beautiful girl that promises to wait for him. At first the sentiments the spectators are having are the same ones: they feel the wind and the movements of the truck that brings them to war, etc. But then every spectator starts feeling what “his own actor” feels. In an ambush both most of the soldiers and spectators die in an expeditious way, most of them being killed by automatic weapons (the spectators are shot at from automatic weapons installed in the ceiling of the hall, above the big screen), while those that keep on living don’t notice the cases of death that are occurring around them. But there are also the spectators that receive hits and shots and cuts; they can’t escape their seats with the “metallic protections” and also can’t be seen or heard by the other spectators in the hall.
With time all the survivors notice what’s going on, but they have to go on playing their roles. In the end the “metallic protections” open, releasing the spectators. Only Alfredo survives, disturbed by what he’s gone through, crying for Andrea.

Second part (of two):
Quiroga, the movie’s director, gives a welcome speech to the actors and tells them part of the plot. He also speaks to them of another character he simply calls “the avenger” that will be introduced to them later on. Besides, as he says to the reunited actors, it’s about a script in progress, so you don’t know yet how the story will end.
While the actors rehearse their roles conjointly, João, interpreting the role of the avenger, is the exception, since for a long time he only rehearses with Damaris.
The movie they are shooting tells the following: “The first brother” is in love with Damaris, but she’s in love with João, an enemy of the brothers. A certain day “the second brother” escapes an assassination attempt. Since there can’t be two families to rule the hood of death, they hire Zizinho who’s got contacts to both families and in secret plans to betray both of them in order to become the ruler of the hood. What follows is a succession of blood and thunder.
What the actors don’t know is that they’ll have to act the story in the flesh. When they notice that they haven't been chosen solely for their acting skills and good looks, it might already be too late for them to escape the script’s deadly plot. However, Quiroga and his team have their own motives for doing what they do, since the story they’re telling is based on actual events that occurred in the past that united actors and crew before.

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  • Script 1 - Edward's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I thought that it was time for a new franchise. So I created something exciting, shocking, novel. It's actually two stories I'm telling in The Real Thing, so both of them could stand for themselves.