Deven: The Seventh Star

Creator: champ
Age rating: Everyone
Deven, a small-town kid, discovers a universal secret that he inherits on his thirteenth birthday. This inheritance includes extraordinary, one-of-a-kind powers. He will be thrust into a hidden universal battle that has been taking place since the origin of our being.
Synopsis: Deven Sanders Jr. is your average middle school 7th grade student living in Angel Lake, a small rural town in South Dakota. He moved to Angel Lake with his father and stepmother at the age of six. His mother passed away when he was a toddler. He has a best friend named Jordy, whom he met upon his arrival in Angel Lake. Deven’s father, Deven Sanders Sr. also known as Sanders, is a CIA agent and is rarely home out on assignment traveling the world. He is left with his stepmother and their relationship is civil to say the least. Jordy and his family have helped Deven cope with the death of his mother and have made him an extended member of their family. Deven spends ample time at his best friend’s house and they have a very close relationship.
Deven’s world is about to get “rocked”. His school has just let out for spring break and he is about to celebrate his thirteenth birthday. He doesn’t know that he is a part of a majestic bloodline that has been pivotal in the existence of our universe. Upon his thirteenth birthday he will inherit extraordinary one of a kind powers and will be the most unique individual alive anywhere in the universe. He will be thrust into a hidden universal battle that has been taking place since the origin of our being. He will need to learn very quickly how to use his powers to fight Mecar, the evil dark leader of the Relectros, that will activate hidden sleeper cells awaiting this epic birthday to eliminate him.
Deven has been given a mysterious gift, a dazzling pearl, by his father. This pearl, that will be later revealed as The Pearl of Hope, is the key to the fate of the universe. An assassination attempt on his life by the first sleeper cell, his stepmother Kathy, reveals the powers of this pearl as it saves his life. Deven needs to learn the history of this mysterious entity to truly understand how to use his powers and the purpose of his existence.
The next day he decides to set on a quest around the world incorporating the help of his best friend Jordy and another close friend Miya. They need to get this information before dark forces get to him. After learning of Deven’s disappearance, Mr. Sanders calls on the elite members of his CIA Special Operations team including his trusted sidekick “Wi-Fi” Salas, technology specialist. After a close inspection of Deven’s computer, he learns that Deven is in route to Kabul, Afghanistan. It's where Sanders purchased the pearl. He uses the help of some unlikely volunteers, Deven's favorite teacher Ms. Rose and his wife Kathy who has convinced him that Deven's assassination attempt was just a bad dream.
Once they arrive, they learn that Deven slipped past airport security. Sanders and his crew return to a local American base to regroup. Once they are there, they track Deven through his cell phone in the highly advanced war room. During this time, Kathy reveals her true identity, by attacking Ms. Rose in the ladies bathroom leaving her for dead. Mecar, activates Relectro cells posing as US soldiers and they launch a violent attack on Sanders and his crew in the war room. Kathy and her Relectros escape and pursue Deven.
Unaware of his father's presence, Deven and his young crew of explorers meet a peculiar stranger in the market area named Sunkee, who eventually reveals that he is a Protonic warrior and the one that sold Sanders the Pearl. He tells the young brave crusaders about a gravity machine that Mecar has been building here on earth for many years. Mecar plans to use the machine's powers to control earth. He informs Deven that in order for him to get a true understanding of the importance and purpose of his life he must meet the almighty One.
Deven discovers the use of some of his powers, particularly “dream dust” travel, which he uses to take his historical voyage to Zeon, the home of all Protonics and the first source of light, One. After receiving and accepting detrimental information from One, including the fact that Kathy also is the one who eliminated his mother, Deven feels equip and more empowered to do what he was created to do as the “Seventh Star”. He is ready to return to earth to destroy the gravity machine and save the universe from the dark forces of Mecar, if it’s not already too late.
Deven returns with Protonic warriors from Zeon and meets with his friends. They come to the conclusion that the gravity machine has to be in Mt. Everest since it is the highest elevation point on earth. Deven gets help from an unexpected coach, Mr. Godfrey his science teacher, who reveals himself as a Protonic. He instructs Deven on how to harness and project his Protonic energy. He recharges the Protonic warriors. He also learns that he is able to teleport people through his “dream dust”. He teleports his crew to the foot of Mt Everest, where they begin there long cold hike up the side of the mountain searching for any sign of Relectros.
As they get closer to the top, they notice activity around one of the caves. They can see the Relectros working and moving in and out of the cave. Once Deven and his crew are discovered, a battle ensues as they fight their way inside of the mountain. Once inside another battle breaks out as they attempt to destroy the gravity machine.
As the battle seems to be favoring the Relectros, Sunkee sadly dies as he protects Deven from a certain death blow. At that moment, Sanders and his crew burst on the scene and evens the tide of the battle. They tracked Deven through his phone, and had top secret prototype helicopters whisk them to the mountain. During the battle it is revealed that Ms. Rose is also a Protonic warrior. Mecar had his sleeper cells dispatched around Deven waiting on this day, but One was very aware of this and had trusted Protonics around Deven the whole time as well.
Deven eventually reaches the tip of the gravity machine and destroys it. Kathy and the Relectros failed in their efforts to stop him but, they capture Sanders before fleeing. Deven, the CIA agents, the Protonic warriors, and Deven’s crew all narrowly escape the mountain before the machine blows. They return to the American base in Afghanistan to figure out a way to get back Sanders.
Once at the base, Kathy contacts Deven and lets him know that they have taken Sanders to Red Star, home of the Relectros and most importantly Mecar. She informs them all that if they ever want to see Sanders again, that Deven will bring the Pearl of Hope to Red Star in exchange for Sanders. After hearing all of the reasons why he shouldn’t go and put the most powerful weapon in the universe in Mecar’s hands, Deven decides to go with or without anyone’s help. He is willing to sacrifice his life and the fate of the universe for his father.
Deven arrives at the gloomy red glistened asteroid known as Red Star. As he enters the dark kingdom, he is surrounded by Relectro warriors. He sees Kathy in the middle of the huge hollowed star. She motions for him to come to them where he sees his father gagged and bound with tears in his eyes. While every eye is glued to Deven, no one notices the stealth attack happening at the entrance by Wi-Fi, Ms. Rose, Jordy, and Miya. Deven successfully tricks Kathy and Mecar while freeing his father for their daring escape.
After the escape Jordy is accidentally killed during the teleportation back to the American base on earth. He has no signs of life as everyone stands over his covered body mournfully. The medic attempts to revive him with no success. Deven attempts to recharge him with no response. Sander’s grabs Deven in his arms and comforts Deven as he concedes to his friend’s death . As they leave the room he weeps, there’s a faint sound coming from under the star spangled sheet. They can hear a familiar saying from a raspy voice. “Recharged me. Yeah! Yeah Yeah”. It was Jordy slowly raising his hands with the rock and roll symbol from under the covers as the screen rolls to credits.

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