Creator: Luis Almonte
Genres: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
young adult, teen drama combining witches & vampires, the hottest genre on television today; based on the Amazon bestseller book 'Rise' by Luis Almonte. Sure to thrill fans of Twilight, Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries and more. The hottest genre for the largest fanbase!

Latest Work

  • Pilot Script 1 - Doubt in Moscow
    Creative Notes:
    Script written & adapted for television by Ronald Potter with advisory capacity by the books author Luis Almonte. A joint effort to bring RISE to television. lvalmonte@msn.com ronpotter@sympatico.ca
    Wiccan Alexia, asks her vampire boyfriend Kaleb about the theft of a magic book from her parents safekeeping by evil Russian vampires. Kaleb cautions her. Regardless, Alexia and her older brother and younger sister transport themselves to Moscow to confront the evil vampires