The Bloodline

Creator: john pantano
Age rating: Everyone
A deadly intro into the secret society, "Paracletus Romanus" - who are dedicated to retain church dogma at all costs. From the steps of the Vatican into the streets of Rome, the first victim is the Director of the church's Secret Archives, Bishop Abruzzi. Who is next?
Synopsis: With Europe as a backdrop, the story explodes with intrigue. We are transported into St. Peter's at the Vatican and to the desperate last days of the Director of the Secret Archives, Bishop Abruzzi. Now into a world filled with deadly assassins. After the taking of the Bishop's life, there were a number of conspiracies with reactionary maneuvers. It becomes a chess game between the Venetian nobleman, Paul Rinaldi and the al Quaeda. In the quest for survival follow him through the canals of Venice, the back streets of Paris, the grandeur of Rome and the lake country.
The constant reminder throughout the story is a secret Vatican society, which will not accept any changes in the church dogma.
Terror cells abound and ultimately the conflict with the undercover police and the CIA prove too cunning for the survival of the secret society.
The closing act develops in the Middle East. It's Cairo, then Israel giving a profound finality to the story. The last act is violent but just!!

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - john's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The story is taken from the book of the same name (it was written by this writer.) The script version differs by condensing five chapters into five different quick scenes.