Creator: Adam El Hafi
Age rating: 13 and older
Danny Sheridan was a young, successful banker on the verge of a major promotion until he was killed in cold blood by an intruder. Now trapped in limbo as a ghost, he must solve his own murder while proving he has what it takes to ascend to the next phase of the afterlife.
Synopsis: Danny Sheridan is a 30 year old rising star at an investment firm. He's on the verge of a major promotion while carrying on a secret affair with his boss's beautiful wife. He lives alone, has few friends, and spends little time with his family. Danny receives the promotion, but his enthusiasm is subdued as he suspects his boss may be engaged in a money laundering scheme. Late that night, he stops by a liquor store for a bottle of scotch. While there, a robber enters the store and points a gun at the clerk demanding all of the money in the register. Danny sneaks up from behind with his bottle and slams it over the back of the head of the robber, knocking him unconscious and saving the life of the clerk.

Danny returns to his apartment with his scotch only to find himself being held up at gunpoint by a masked assailant. At first he thinks it's the same robber he just knocked out at the liquor store, but he quickly comes to the realization that this man is someone else entirely and has followed Danny back to his place. After forcing his way into the apartment, the gunman shoots Danny fatally in the neck and leaves him to die. Danny awakens in a dark tunnel with a sliver of light in the distance. He emerges from the tunnel and finds himself in a local hospital. Upon discovering he's in the morgue and seeing his own corpse before him, Danny discovers he's dead and trapped in a spirit form, unable to interact with the living or make contact with any object.

What follows is a murder mystery mixed with a spiritual comedy-drama. Danny desperately attempts to solve his own murder while undergoing a series of tests administered by his fellow ghost and spiritual assessor, Grimm, to prove he has what it takes to ascend to the next stage of the afterlife.

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