"A Worthy Ascension"

Creator: Matthew Emma
Age rating: 13 and older
A former Cypriot Special Forces soldier and current Crown Princess of Greece must prevent a terrorist group and drug syndicate from pulling off a major deal in her homeland.
Synopsis: ACT I Summation:
After completing her final mission with the Cypriot Special Forces, Sophia is enthroned as Crown Princess of Greece. Despite resentment and reservation, Sophia accompanies His Majesty on his first official trip to Los Angeles. Before the King and Sophia can return to Greece, His Majesty is assassinated inside a hotel. With no time to grieve, Sophia allows her training and instinct to take hold and she slowly begins to gain the upper hand on terrorists.
Soon, however, Sophia learns terrorists are a Ukrainian crime/drug syndicate with whom both she and her deceased uncle have a history with. Terrorists wish to capture Sophia, but have no idea she is the “lone wolf” battling them. Sophia exploits this fact and reports her successes to LAPD Counter Terrorism Unit Commander, Captain TORREZ. Soon, however, terrorists grow wise.
ACT II (Part I):
Sophia offers to surrender if terrorists agree to release the hotel’s guest registry. Savachenko agrees to Sophia’s terms. Hostage released turns to bedlum, however, when an LAPD SWAT Team unsuccessfully tries to retake hotel. This development prevents a number of hostages from being released, as well as places Sophia’s life in greater danger. Sophia, however, overcomes terrorists. Unfortunately, Savachenko narrowly escapes. Soon thereafter, Sophia discovers Savachenko’s organization plans to execute a major international drug deal the following week.
Sophia realizes Savachenko is likely leaving States to head for wherever drug deal is supposed to take place and believes best way to proceed is preventing his departure to detain and extract information from him. With the help of Torrez, Sophia persuades the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ground all outgoing flights from Los Angeles area airports. Savachenko schedules rendezvous with Chan Ho, the leader of powerful Asian crime organization, at an unfinished airfield on LA’s outskirts.
Knowing Savachenko’s escape will likely take place on a private plane, Sophia instructs Torrez to gather information on arriving private jets. While perusing manifest of one such plane flight, Sophia notices Ho’s name on one. Sophia immediately draws correlation and knows Ho is Savachenko’s deal partner. Sophia and Torrez decide to meet Ho’s plane and interrogate him. However, when Torrez and Sophia arrive at airfield where Ho’s plane was scheduled to land, they receive the disappointing news his plane is late and then missing. Upon further investigation, Sophia and Torrez are informed Ho’s plane disappeared from radar, which is soon followed by the news the helicopter Savachenko escaped on crashed with no sign of anyone on board.
Sophia is not fooled and convinces authorities to accept the fact Ho and Savachenko have pulled the wool over their eyes. Using information they were able to extract from LA-area air traffic controllers, Sophia and police determine Ho’s plane must have landed safely and is sheltered at an unfinished airstrip (come up with place). Sophia and police mobilize around airstrip, but are unable to prevent Ho and Savachenko from escaping. All is not lost when one of Ho’s muscle is found alive. Through extreme coercion, Sophia forces man to confess the King’s and Sophia’s intended death were meant as a cover to enable Ho and Savachenko to pull off drug deal at Greece’s Thessalnoniki Harbor during a period of national mourning when the facility would be less heavily guarded.
Sophia announces shocking news of King’s death to Greek people, as well as her role in helping LAPD track down and bring to justice the vast majority of the perpetrators. Sophia is lauded as an international hero, but her newfound fame heightens ire of Savachenko and Ho, who are even more determined to prevent her from stopping the deal. Not wanting to undertake crux of Thessaloniki mission alone, Sophia returns to Cyprus and pleads with Andreas for help. Though reluctant at first, Andreas offers his support.
Sophia, Andreas and Greek authorities decide to send a small Special Forces contingent led by Sophia and Andreas. Upon arriving at Harbor, Sophia discovers cartons for drugs heavily guarded, complicating mission. Sophia and Andreas battle enemy forces and are able to rig the drug containers. However, Andreas is shot and is unable to continue with the mission. While in pursuit of Savachenko, Sophia discovers the Ukrainian betrayed and shot Ho. Undterred, Sophia continues to track and catches up with, battles and kills Savachenko. Sophia escapes Harbor before bombs detonate, destroying shipments of drugs.
Sophia, Andreas and Torrez (who came to Greece to participate in mission, but Sophia would only allow him to be part of Spec Forces team) reunite. Out of nowhere, a bloodied and limping Ho prowls towards scene, aims weapon at Sophia and prepares to fire. Only one to notice is Torrez, who hits deck, snares weapon from Andreas’s pocket and kills Ho just before he fires his gun. Sophia and Andreas decide to get back together and Sophia is enthroned Greece’s new Monarch.

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