Creator: Matt Trinh
Age rating: 17 and older
The story of a United States Space Command Captain in the year 2092, Maisie MacKinnon and her ship is sent to the Jupiter moon of Callisto to rescue a team of xeno archaeologists after their ship is destroyed. MacKinnon will find that this mission is more than expected.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: MacKinnon is a science fiction story that's been inspired by stories like Horatio Hornblower. The adventure of Captain Maisie MacKinnon, in an era that has the outer planets as the frontier, Mars starting the colonization process, and utilizing the resources found on Near Earth Asteroids.
Captain MacKinnon's mission in this film is to go to Jupiter's moon of Callisto where the U.S.E.S. Discovery was destroyed, and she has the challenges of facing numerous threats such as exiled hostile ships, the irrational behavior of the team she's supposed to rescue, a mysterious special investigator who is to find out what happened to the multi-trillion dollar exploration ship, by any means necessary.
In the middle of all this, the aliens that the xeno-biologists had termed "Prometheans" decide to make contact with the human race, seeking to forge an alliance with the young race that they had guided in the past.

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