Lost Eagle

Creator: Liam Kelly
Age rating: 13 and older
When the Nazis attempt to invade Britain using a mysterious "Portal" device they inadvertently send an elite platoon of paratroopers, fanatical SS soldiers and a British SAS operative hurtling through time to present day London.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Belorussia 1941, Heinrich Krohne, a high ranking officer within the Wolf Legion, the Reich’s secretive occult section of the SS, is searching a tiny village for the “Portal”, a mythical weapon which is rumoured to grant the ability to walk through walls and cross continents in the blink of an eye. Out to stop him is British SAS operative, Tom Price. Disguised as a villager, Tom manages to get the drop on the Wolf Legion squad but not before Heinrich escapes with the Portal which he discovers buried within the tomb of Crusader knight along with, intriguingly, a twenty first century hand gun. Some months later Tom is at the end of a drunken bender trying to cope with the death of his wife in a German bombing raid on London, when he’s informed that Heinrich has resurfaced in Southern France. Tom is tasked with hunting him down and capturing the Portal before the Nazis can use it’s unworldly powers against the Allies.

Decorated war hero, Manfred Kassel is ordered to accompany Heinrich by parachuting into the heart of London with a crack platoon of battle hardened Paratroopers, amongst which is his son, Johannes. The real fantastical nature of the mission is kept secret from Manfred and his men who are there merely to provide expendable security while Heinrich activates the Portal allowing an entire army of fanatical Wolf Legion SS to swarm in through the wormhole it creates and take control of the city. During the mission, Tom manages to get his hands on the Portal and while on board the German transport plane heading for London, inadvertently activates a new aspect within the strange device which no one was expecting, time travel.

The Germans and Tom now find themselves crash-landing in present day London, where Tom steals away with the Portal but having no clue on how to use it and return to his own time. Realising the potential of the power he holds, Tom is now faced with a dilemma, fulfill his duty and hand the contraption over to the British government or use it to save his wife. He tracks down the daughter of the long dead senior officer and friend who sent him on the original wartime mission and she points him towards finding a book exploring the legend of the Portal and the aircraft that went missing back in 1941. Written in the seventies but dismissed as the stuff of fantasy, the book is "Lost Eagle and other unexplained mysteries of World War 2".

Where Tom is, the Germans are not far behind. Manfred just wants to get his men home, Heinrich wants to finish his mission, to do so both need the Portal. Tom narrowly escapes a shoot-out in a library while searching for the book but along with Manfred’s son Johannes is soon intercepted by the Metropolitan police and taken to Scotland Yard along with the Portal.

Not wanting to leave his son behind, Manfred and his men storm the famous police station and Heinrich is reunited with the Portal. He immediately sets about activating it, the worm hole still connected to 1941 begins to spew forth heavily armed Wolf Legion soldiers, Panzer tanks, artillery and Stuka dive-bombers who quickly set about fulfilling the orders issued more than seventy years before by bringing blitzkrieg to the streets of the capital.

Manfred realising the war is long over and sickened by discoveries made about the Nazi regime found within books taken from the library, teams up with Tom to fight back the SS hordes and close the gateway that delivers them in a final explosive battle.

With Heinrich dead, Manfred, Johannes and any surviving members of the platoon returned to 1941, Tom is left alone with the Portal. Using pages ripped from the "Lost Eagle" book and in an attempt to travel back to the day before his wife was killed in the bombing raid and save her, Tom activates another gateway. Unfortunately for him he’s a few hundred years out. As a seventeenth century Royalist Cavalier materialises from the wormhole and with the modern day police closing in, Tom has little choice but to jump through the gateway to start another adventure, all the while clutching the same twenty first century handgun found within the tomb of the knight in the Belorussian village all those years ago.

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