Bad Astrology: A Paranormal Research and Containment Society Adventure

Creator: Joshua Miner
Age rating: 17 and older
Three gifted young women battle a demon in a urban city where reality is separated from the supernatural by a thin veil. When one of their own is struck into a magical coma, Cassidy must face the demon alone, using her wits and weaponized Nintendo controllers.
Synopsis: Cassidy is the newest member of a small group of modern-day magic-wielding adventurers. While she's a talented engineer in her mundane life, she is inexperienced in the supernatural and the horrors that threaten them. Her first creation was a magical gun, built from an old, re-purposed Nintendo zapper and spare parts. Her friends are the sisters Regan and Branwen. Branwen is an aloof goth with a penchant for enchanting magic, while Regan is a friend-to-all-living-things elementalist, capable of controlling both earth and water.

When they hear reports of students being attacked by a demonic entity on campus, Regan and Cassidy venture out to find the attacker. Unbeknownst to Regan and Cassidy, Branwen previously made a deal with the demon for information, and now, it wants to collect on her end. She refuses, and it promises revenge. The demon attacks Regan, striking her into a magical coma and leaves her for Branwen and Cassidy to find. It's taken Regan's pendant, which focuses her powers.

The women retreat to Cassidy's home and Branwen begins taking measures to save Regan from her supernatural ailment. Cassidy presses Branwen for the truth, and an argument erupts when Branwen reveals her secret. Cassidy then decides to track down the demon herself and kill it, despite the danger present. She acquires her newest invention, a re-purposed power glove, capable of bending reality to her will, and sets out into the night. Branwen projects herself into the astral plane to search for a cure, leaving her body behind.

It turns out the demon wasn't working alone. An astrologer, Beverly, has been conspiring with the demon to resurrect her recently deceased daughter, and Regan is the key. She breaks in to Cassidy's home and abducts the comatose Regan, and Branwen's body too.

Meanwhile, Cassidy tracks down the demon and confronts him. She realizes that she's in over her head when the demon's aura nearly overwhelms her. She stuns him with her glove and retreats to think up a new plan. The demon chases after her, and the two battle in the streets, finally arriving at an office building. Just when Cassidy thinks she's given him the slip, he ambushes her and drags her into an elevator. The fight becomes desperate, and she finds the will to overcome the demon and slays it. The pendant is nowhere to be found.

Cassidy returns home and discovers that her friends have been taken. Despair nearly wins until she uses another gadget, her spectral glasses, to search for clues. To her surprise, Branwen's astral form is before her! They regroup and think of a plan, and storm the astrologer's luxurious manor. The demon has returned, and it's a one-sided fight with Cassidy emerging as the victor. Branwen recovers her body, and they face off against the astrologer, who is in the middle of the ritual to sacrifice Regan. The astrologer mortally wounds Cassidy, provoking Branwen into a fury of spells. With the astrologer defeated, Regan is rescued, and she uses her healing magic to save Cassidy from death.

This is just another Tuesday night for the girls of the Containment Society.

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