IQBAL GHANDHI ( A fight for name)

Age rating: Everyone
In India many child those work at traffic singnal, and other those leave in children's home they have not mother and father . Which surname they used . Which cast they related. Today every document have a colum ex- father name and cast .
Synopsis: The story started from a traffic signal where some small children's getting money from public . Almost they children's are beggars. In these childrens a boy his name iqbal age around 8 years. These children's work for not his life but they work for ftahAli khan. Ftahalikhan is the person who collect small children's from different city's for his business. He gives name and religion these children's . One day a old men see iqbal at trafic single ask for his work . They talk very long time . The old men ask iqbal what is your father name. iqbal tell he is not no about his father and mother . He is very said then the old men said iqbal u know about mahatma ghandhi . Iqbal tell no then old men tell he is the father of our nation. And he is also your father . Iqbal is so happy he get more information from the old men . now iqbal want's to meet mahatma ghandhi. But it's evening . Iqbal rich at fhalikhan place today he is not get money so ftahalikhan react very bedly and kick him after that sleeping time iqbal having a smile on his face the other children's ask for the smile then iqbal tell that mahatma ghandhi is our Father. They all happy . next day iqbal having a bendet on his face .the old men ask for it then iqbal tell us about ftahalikhan business. The old men decided to go for police station and complend it. But ftahalikhan having long rich in politician so police not get any action against fhalikhan. Then he knows that iqbal go for police station for complend. He kill the old men. Know iqbal decided to run away from here and his friends help for it. Iqbal get a train and go for Delhi. When he rich Delhi he meet a auto driver and ask for mahatma ghandhi home. But he get not right answer auto driver tell that ghandhi died earlier. Known he wants to his father .

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