Brothers Immortal

Creator: Mike Sanders
Age rating: 17 and older
Five brothers with difficult family histories survive a world filled with Undead monsters. When the eldest brother is severely wounded, a scorned stranger offering an iffy solution becomes the common cause among them.
Synopsis: Mordechai, his four brothers and their pet donkey tour what was formerly the United States, slaying as many of the Undead as they can manage before their time is up. They've developed their own post-apocalyptic culture, from aliases to combat formations to social policy. More importantly, they've developed an unspoken code for surviving side-by-side.

Sarah is a wary scavenger harboring a secret agenda, who bumps into the group in time to help them aid their wounded oldest brother. The path is dangerous, crawling with a horde of garden variety Undead, and mutators: twisted formations of Undead with unspeakable abilities. Most dangerous of them all is Raiger and his band of slimy Raiders, who want only to take Sarah for themselves and kill everything else.

Sweat, tears and bloodshed mark the path traveled by Sarah and the brothers. And as they draw closer to Sarah's colleague Deeko and his task force, so does the horde of hungry Undead. With much sacrifice and the revelation of a dark secret, Mordechai and his brothers do whatever it takes to ensure Sarah's safety.

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