The peace of the kids

Creator: Pedro Pancorbo
Age rating: Everyone
This vid is a part of one scene. The Polish boy, lost in the middle of the desert tries to find some water. Two haunters rescue him and one mission is given. Now he's "The Death" and hi's meeting with the pray, Ivan, a simple guy fighting against a tough feeling to suicide.
Synopsis: “La paz de los chotos” or the translation “The peace of the kids” is a psychological thriller directed by novel filmmaker Pedro Pancorbo. In a typical bar placed in a small village in Andalusia, where haunters and old wise men attend everyday, all the curiosity gathers around a game of cards. The time goes by and the death comes, today is the perfect day for something to happen. This a film where the death in disguise, looks like the most ordinary person having a coffee in a bar. Humor, murder, death and life coexist in this such a weird environment that give eccentricity to this piece, full of disconcerting situations.

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