Creator: Masoud Meymi
Age rating: Everyone
The Bounty Hunter: " A professional bounty hunter gives a reward for killing himself to take revenge on the killers have not been successful in killing him."
Synopsis: Bounty”
Written by:
Masoud Meymi

Genre: Drama/ action
WGA # 1654439

“Pat” thirty-seven years old, small and agile, with a look of piercing eyes, sharp insights that would not have anything away. He is a professional Bounty. “Pat” is a vegetarian and appears in his library, books on body language. Every morning he goes back page advertisements in newspapers and collects the statements about the fugitive fraudsters, objects with missing values; in short anything that has reward on his head. In his house, he has a collection of old cameras and camcorders with a variety of clothing and accessories for a disguise. The work order and categorized files, which can be seen in his works clearly arranged and marked with different titles. He does extensive research on his work first, and then getting detailed information starts to work. He enjoys the thrill of adventure and his work and it has made himself known. His old friend and colleague are from the remnants of the Vietnam War who owns a newsstand’s. He has made the shop wall full of pictures of beautiful islands in the ocean hopes that they get rich some day and move away from this smog city with the hell skyscrapers and alien people to those dream lands. . “Pat” has promised to protect him to go together to those strange travels. After a full day's work and boring, in which he has disclosed the hiding place of a swindler to the people who lost their property, now “Pat” is going home. He wants to enter home that finds some one is in. He decided to escape but is kidnapped by some. They took him to an office and make him introduce to an old man named “Philip” as the head of the gang. His face is pretty cool but it is clear that he is very hardhearted and serious in his work. He asks “Pat” to do research about a girl named “Madeleine”. “Philip” knows his people do not deserve it because they have not the right answer for him. “Pat” will be well paid for it and for the start a batch of notes is paid to “Pat”. He has not a good sense of being there and finds himself a stranger. He is confused of “Philip’s” request but is sure that the matter is something else. He is also aware that if he doesn’t accept the request, they won’t let him go. However, the money he is going to get is so tempting!

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