The Hour of Temptation

Creator: Ben Ramsey
Age rating: 17 and older
Apocalyptic action/thriller. An agnostic newspaper reporter is kidnapped by a handsome warrior who claims to by an Archangel. They have 24 hours to save the world from the end of days. It's Angels and Demons meets Die Hard With a Vengeance
Synopsis: ABBEY GLENN is an ace reporter with the Washington Globe. Having lost her husband and son to the violence of religious zealots Abbey has become a bitter suicidal shell of her former self. A staunch atheist, she wages a journalistic war with a secretive religious doomsday cult known as "The Servants of John (S.O.J.).

One dark evening Abbey receives a cryptic IM message from someone calling himself "The Lamb." The Lamb informs her that she has the power to save the world or let it end and that she has 24 hours to do it. Suspecting, that she is being flamed by S.O.J. members Abbey ignores the message. The gravity of the message comes crashing violently home when JORDAN, a darkly mysterious mercenary kidnaps her at gunpoint and leads her in a deadly trek across Washington DC. He tells her that he is an Archangel fighting the war between Heaven and Hell and she is the key to salvation. Now Abbey and Jordan have less than a day to solve the cryptic riddle left her by The Lamb and battle the blood thirsty followers of THE DARK MAN, the mysterious leader of the opposition.

Has Abbey found herself in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell or has she unwittingly become a pawn in a battle between religious zealots hellbent on realizing the worse chapter in the Bible. The Book of Revelations. Time is running out before "The Hour of Temptation!"

Latest Work

  • Script 2 - Paul's 1st Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Make no mistake, this is Ben Ramsey's script. However, it was 124 pages and I thought
    it would benefit from entering the story later, with a new point of attack, so I cut it to 108 pages.
    Also, I was vexed by a big speech our hero made about when her family was murdered, so I created a flashback which I intercut with her dramatic monologue. Hope this makes it more cinematic. See title page.

All Work

  • Test Movie 1 - Test Scene
    Creative Notes:
    Test Scene (3 minutes) of Jordan kidnaps Abbey. This is also a test of "compositing" human actors + green screen with computer artwork.

    At first I thought some of this script, eg Dwight, veered into comedy and I started writing a comedy revision. On filming this I am now thinking that what Abbey or anyone would be experiencing in a threatening situation like this is better played straight.
  • Script 1 - Ben's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is perhaps my fourth draft of this screenplay originally written in 1998 in time to usher in the new millennium. It has since been updated to reflect the sociopolitical climate of 2007. It, of course will need to be updated to fit the climate of 2010 as that damn apocalypse date keep changing.