Creator: Bradley Golden
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
A notorious child murder whom have been terrorizing a small New York town was captured, and sentenced to death. Thing is he didn't stay dead. The killer is back from the dead continuing his reign of terror.
Synopsis: April 15, 2013 in the little known New York town, Bradford, has been terrorized by numerous grisly child murders. Leaving the community in a state of panic. The police turn to a well-known hero cop, DETECTIVE GARY MARSHALL, from Florence, Mississippi.
When an emergency call comes in stating that a family has been murdered. DETECTIVE MARSHALL is called in because of the similarities of the murders to one of his old cases involving THOMAS "BUTCHER" LASSEY, notorious child murderer. DETECTIVE MARSHALL believes it's a copycat murderer, because he was there when LASSEY was put to death nine months ago. After further investigation, PROFESSOR OMAR LUPIN, LASSEY'S psychiatric doctor during his time in prison, explains to DETECTIVE MARSHALL, and his partner that LASSEY was dealing in the occult. LUPIN explains that he believes LASSEY found a way to cheat death, and when he was put to death by electrocution, his spirit was freed and attached itself into the town's electrical system. LUPIN explains his theory of combining two different electrical currents will override one another, thus killing the evil spirit.
DETECTIVE MARSHALL, and his partner go to the town's power plant. They trick LASSEY to come out trying to kill them both. LASSEY AND DETECTIVE MARSHALL fight it out and DETECTIVE MARSHALL throws LASSEY into a nearby malfunctioning power switch box, electrocuting him. Instead of him blowing up or something, he was human again. Before he could lay the killing blow to DETECTIVE MARSHALL, his partner shoots LASSEY in the head.

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