Creator: Scott Billingham
Age rating: Everyone
An apprentice candle-maker waxes heroic to free his fantasy world from an oppressive Overlord.
Synopsis: In the once peaceful and prosperous, ISLE OF MISTWICK, a lingering malcontent pervades. For Mistwick is like no other isle, it resides within the massive OBSIDIAN CHAMBER, the ancient bathhouse of the Gods. Mistwick was created with a single purpose; to serve as home to the servile UNDERLINGS. These Elven-like creatures tend the four giant candles which light the great chamber, and also make the wine demanded as tribute.

Life in the Obsidian Chamber has changed drastically over the eons, however. The rise of the bitter and truculent, BENTHICUS, has forced the other Gods aside, undermining the once symbiotic relationship enjoyed with the Underlings. Only Benthicus’ goddess daughter, NIMESTRA, remains in the chamber with her father, who has enslaved her as vengeance to his wife who fled when his behavior became too erratic.

JOME, our awkward but good natured Underling protagonist, has just relocated to a new part of Mistwick with his family. His father, OSREN, has invested their savings and bought a longboat, with a view to entering into the wine shipment business. The family is quickly beset by tragedy, and Osren is killed when the dreaded MORTFIN, Benthicus’ prize sea serpent, attacks the new boat and crew. This is only part of Jome’s growing problems. He has fallen foul of local tough guy, KALLAX, and his gang, the MISTWICK MARAUDERS, who are jealous of Jome’s playful relationship with Kallax’s girlfriend, VREN, daughter of local lord, BARON GODWIN.

Jome now has to assume the mantle of male lead in the family, and take care of his mother, MAYWEN, and precocious younger sister, LITTLE RO, whilst negotiating the other hurdles in his teenage life. Jome has a wider dilemma to face, however. Now sixteen years old, it is Underling tradition to enter the CRUCIBLE, where adolescent Underlings train as the next generation of candle-makers and wine-makers. Initially, Jome rejects custom and opts to stay and look after his family. Growing social pressures from the Underling community leads to his family being shunned, and Jome eventually capitulates and journeys to the Crucible to train as a candle-maker.

En route, Jome meets NEDRILL, the eccentric old warlock, who informs him the Crucible has been attacked by a dissident group called the DOUSERS. These rebels live high up in the Obsidian Chamber walls and have decided to fight back against the tyranny. As Jome learns more of Benthicus’ role in his own family’s tragedy, together he, Nedrill and the Dousers embark on an adventure to secure Benthicus’ downfall, rescue the Goddess and lift the curse over Mistwick once and for all.

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