Creator: Carolyn Reese
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Age rating: Everyone
A Canadian tour train through the Canadian Rockies takes on passengers infected with zombism after they have stood outside viewing a new comet coming close to earth. Canadian Olympic Fencers rescue the train from the "Lickers" using their skill with foil and teamwork.
Synopsis: There's a new comet coming, or is it a comet? Astronomers using the pride of the Canadian tourist fleet of rail travel, The Bubble and Dome, as a viewing platform for this new comet that is supposed to travel across the sky close to the train route speculate that it is intelligently directed, rarely obeying laws of physics and mathematics.

The Canadian Olympic Fencing team is using the Bubble and Dome to return to training facilities in Vancouver rather than dividing up and taking fast flights home after a disastrous trial in Montreal. They turn in to heroes of this ride of shame home with the aid of a plucky female steward and their beloved and valiant interim coach who is pulled off the train by a zombie shot in the head after being infected by a zombie she and two other team members kill. The fencers call the zombies "Lickers" because they don't seem able to control their tongues. Fencers, who are really individual athletes, work as a team to save themselves and the other passengers of the Bubble and Dome.

The Engineer of the Bubble and Dome has received instructions from a Licker bitten train security official to not stop the train until it runs out of fuel where officials will quarantine anyone left zombie/non-zombie alike. When his fuelgineer gets attacked by a zombie and is changing, he joins forces with an astronomer and his buddies, the Olympic fencers in a plan to rid the train of most of the zombies and continue on to their final destination, Vancouver instead of running out of fuel with the hope they will be rescued at that point.

A stop at Sheri Falls Station allows more infected on to the train and as the B&D is leaving the station, it must go under a landmark called the Sheri Falls Overpass where in daylight hours tourists "moon" the tourists in the train, especially those in the domed viewing cars but this night it is inhabited by zombies drawn to the sound the metal and Plexiglas structure hums as the train draws nearer. The capacity of the overpass is 150 people but the zombies have continued to pack the overpass and with the vibration of the train as it runs underneath it, it fails and falls on the train, taking off the roofs of the last 5 passenger cars.

There is a special car and special guest on the Bubble and Dome. An ordinance car with weaponry and 4 horses belonging to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that the fencers and friends use to their advantage to rid the train of many Lickers.

A prediction by an Inuit Shaman comes true but because of the love and faith of his widow his afterlife duty as a torch bearer in the skies called the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights by non-Inuits, the deceased protects not only her and a respectful Nephew and his sons on their journey to take the Shaman aunt/great aunt to live with family who loves her but also aids the efforts of the fencers on the train to survive zombie hoards. This sub-story begins and ends the script.

But this is not the end but just Zomtrain the first installment script. Already Zomtrain II-Vancouver Infestation is taking shape and Zomtrain III that will be a script about what the comet really is and where it came from and what it's mission really was is also outlined.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Carolyn's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I use the foreshadowing first seen by me in movies such as The Howling and also music like Stephen King uses as background to aid in camping up a Horror Zombie-sploitation script into disastor subdued with comedic relief.