Lambda - Pilot Episode 1

Genres: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
A biological warfare experiment is initiated on a remote island, code name Lambda. The biological agent - the rage virus. The method of delivery - a pack of rabid dogs. The intent - to see if animal to human transfer is possible, causing the population to turn on itself..

Latest Work

  • Pilot Script 1 - They Kill You In a New Way
    Creative Notes:
    Just received Fresh Voices Spotlight Award Nomination for best first 10 pages. This is the pilot episode of an action packed 6 episode mini-series or a slower paced 10 episode standard series. Set up for follow on seasons as well if desired
    Little Pelican Island is a peaceful and tranquil place to retire. It has friendly people, nice beaches, and there is no need to lock your doors. That is until the shadow government conspiracy, pack of rabid Rottweilers and, of course, the infected turn it all upside down.