Creator: Mary Haarmeyer
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
Hunter, a teenage boy, must deal with horrific premonitions and choose between acting on these visions to save lives or stifling his power because of the threat of repeating past mistakes that tore his family apart.
Synopsis: In each episode Hunter will play a high stakes game with fate: Hunter will have visions and trouble discerning their meaning. He will war with his decisions in regards to the consequences his interference will cause, followed by a ticking clock that gives Hunter a limited amount of time to act, fail, or succeed.
The A storyline will find Hunter interceding with a future event while hiding his involvement from friends and family, as well as his identity from the criminals he brings to justice.
Storyline B deals with Hunter’s close relationship with his father, ETHAN, an EMT who values human life at all costs and a cat-and-mouse game Hunter plays with his uncle, BRAYDEN, a detective who suspects Hunter of having the same dark gift as his mother. Tensions mount as Brayden is once again thrust back into Hunter and Ethan’s seemingly peaceful lives; old wounds combine with new rifts, threatening to destroy Hunter, Ethan, and Brayden’s lives. We will also watch as Hunter delves deeper into the paranormal world with his reluctant mentor Alayna as they hide their work from Ethan and Brayden, Alayna’s ex-boyfriend.
Storyline C, will deal with a love triangle between Hunter’s high school girl friend, the wholesome MADISON, and Hunter’s dark, mysterious new friend KERIA.
The A storyline will be self-contained; the B and C storylines will be part of Hunter’s long arc.

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