Creator: Durell Bowes
Age rating: 17 and older
Three friends gather together to celebrate new beginnings. The night takes a dark turn when Ann's boyfriend Chad, shows up to the gig unannounced....
Synopsis: The three friends, KYLE, ANN, and DAVE, are fresh college graduates. They met freshman year of school,; Ann and Kyle were both acting majors and met on the first day of class. Dave came into the picture one day when Kyle was about to get plowed by a group of football players in the parking lot for flirting with their girlfriends.

After Dave helped him out, they became good friends and he introduced Ann to Dave. That’s when they became a trio. For the next four years, they were known as the three stooges. During college, Ann met a guy named CHAD and fell in love with him. She became a little distant from the guys when things got heavy but still made contact with them so they wouldn’t feel completely left out. To make a long story short, Chad begins to cheat on Ann and things begin to fall apart for them.

She kept taking him back after every wrongful doing he did to her. One night at one of the biggest Kappa’s party on campus, Ann finally caught Chad in the act and became distraught and emotionless. Dave found her outside soaking in a face full of tears. He walked her back to her dorm. because she needed a friend and a shoulder to lean on. Both vulnerable, they end up having sex which led on for a while until Chad came running back to Ann, asking for forgiveness. Of course she took him back and had to cut things off with Dave, if she and Chad were starting off fresh. Dave was furious because he had developed deep feelings, something that wasn’t supposed to happen. He backed off, but when he did, flashbacks of when he was younger appeared in his head and that’s when the death vision started up again.

He was even more upset because he knew Chad was lying to Ann, so he began cooking up a plan to get rid of Chad. The day of graduation, Ann caught Chad kissing an underclassman and that was it for her! She felt stupid, embarrassed, and mad that she went against her friends for him. She wanted payback and she knew just who to go to for it. She went to Dave and they agreed to KILL Chad and run off together.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Psychological Thriller
    Creative Notes:
    This film was inspired by the 2014 film "The Loft". This version was my final project in film school. It was to determine whether or not I graduated and If I've used all the tools giving to me in film school and applied it to this short film. I directed, wrote, casted, edited, color corrected and I did the sound design for this film. My most stressful project during college. I enjoyed the process