Arcadis: Prophecy Animation video

Creator: George G. Kramer
Age rating: Everyone
Sorcerers are going to Arcadis place to have magical duels. Arcadis doesn't know why. Topec & Surla bring him to the Convocation. Arcadis sees things aren't as they should be, but Topec and Surla don't. Topec's last words are ominous; ''We're in serious trouble, Arcadis!"
Synopsis: Several centuries ago there was a prophecy that Arcadis would die on his thirtieth birthday.
Moreover, In the beginning of the sorcerer world there existed three primary color powers; red, blue, and yellow. Prior to Lord Quill's ascension to head sorcerer, his predecessor ruled no one was allowed to marry outside of their respective color. Every sorcerer was a primary color power. When Lord Quill took control, he didn't want anyone to usurp his authority. Thus he ruled no primary color power may be allowed to marry another primary color power. Hence a dilution occurred. When a blue color power sorcerer married a yellow powered sorcerer, the baby was green powered and considered a secondary power. When a red color powered sorcerer married a blue powered sorcerer, it created a purple secondary powered sorcerer and so on. Can the primaries and secondary's get along or will there be a war between the two classes?

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Book One
    Creative Notes:
    This video is loosely based on the opening scene of the first chapter in the first (of six) YA fantasy books called Arcadis: Prophecy.
    Arcadis is concerned more and more sorcerers are seeking him out to fight. Topec and Surla visit him and bring him to the Covocation (Assembly hall). Arcadis sees everything is amiss, yet Topec & Surla do not. Arcadis uses his red powered magic to stop the charade.