Arcadis: Prophecy Animation video

Creator: George G. Kramer
Age rating: Everyone
The video is based on the opening scene of Arcadis: Prophecy. Magical battles abound and most are centered around Arcadis's antique store in McCordsville, Indiana. Two magical bureaucrats are sent to investigate.
Synopsis: SYNOPSIS:
Arcadis seems like any regular guy. He lives in the quiet town of McCordsville, Indiana, where he runs an antique store. But in reality he hides a massive secret: he is the most powerful sorcerer in the entire universe. He chose to live in Indiana to be left alone, although that turns out to be impossible. Recently, all sorts of magical beings have appeared looking for a fight. It is only when Topec and Surla, two types of bureaucratic magical beings, visit him that he discovers something is wrong. Along with his visitors, he travels to the Convocation, a magical place made up of 3 floating cities from which the entire universe is controlled. Arcadis can sense that something is wrong, even though his fellow travelers fail to notice. And his intuition proves right when they are attacked by powerful Shadowins, another form of magical beings. Using his incredible powers, Arcadis defeats them only to meet Lucinda Bianca. She is a powerful sorcerer whose parents were killed by Lord Quill, the tyrannical former ruler of the universe who also turns out to be Arcadis’s father. Lucinda tells Arcadis that upon his deathbed, her powerful mother cursed Arcadis, he is to die once he turns 30. Arcadis, with the support of Topec, Surla and Alexia, his powerful mother, now has to literally fight for his life in order to prove the prophecy wrong. Eventually, he manages to defeat Lucinda. But soon he is inexplicably summoned to the Convocation to face a trial. Only when he faces the jury does he understand what is happening. Alay, his resentful sister, along with two other powerful sorcerers summons the Enchanted Assassin. After a terrific battle, Arcadis defeats him and thinks he can return to his normal life, only to find out that a war of unimaginable consequences between primary and secondary sorcerers is about to begin.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Book One
    Creative Notes:
    This video is based on the opening scene of the first chapter in the first (of seven) YA fantasy books called Arcadis: Prophecy.
    Arcadis is concerned more and more sorcerers are seeking him out to fight. Topec and Surla visit him and bring him to the Convocation (Assembly hall). Arcadis sees everything is amiss, yet Topec & Surla do not. Arcadis uses his red powered magic to stop the charade.