Welcome to Mayhaven

Creator: Naomi P
Age rating: 13 and older
Three friends from different walks of life discover that right and wrong aren’t always black and white. They must decide how far they are willing to go to protect their own lives and the people they love.
Synopsis: After the electronic manufacturing plant shuts down and outsources to china, the small town of Mayhaven is thrown into disarray. With the factory gone, the town’s heartbeat slows, and the local gang — The Kings — takes over, absorbing the town. The townspeople now have two choices: fall in line under the new leadership and live comfortably or stand against the regime and risk living in poverty. Within the chaos, three friends struggle to find a place in this strange world. James DeMarco, a young man from a single-parent home, is losing the battle with temptation as his friend Tommy, already a member of the Kings, seduces him with the promise of wealth, respect, and power. Meanwhile, James’s crush Tori endeavors to keep herself and James pure of heart, searching for another way to generate income that wouldn’t involve the Kings. With everyone in Mayhaven working for the Kings, the town quickly becomes one of the largest, most effective import/exporters of illegal substances. No one would suspect old lady Wilson from down the street, and butter wouldn’t melt in little Benny’s mouth.

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