Dominant Species

Creator: Kevin Doy Burton
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
Mankind had destroyed their own planet trying to kill off the aliens under the ocean by dropping hundreds of nuclear bombs under water around the world but now the aliens are above ground and the fight for the title Dominant Species begins.
Synopsis: Captain Beck is an astronaut who has a unique problem. Why? Because the hero has
just witnessed, while completing his 160th orbit around the planet Earth, ten spaceships
entering into the Earth’s atmosphere, and into the Earth’s oceans.

Captain Beck have to alert N.A.S.A. about what he had seen, but with his career on the line, and with him holding out, he notices strange phenomenon’s occurring around the world ,and the strange ways people are dying. People dying without putting up a fight, and their heads are the only thing that were left. Their bodies have been devoured. The sea creatures of the oceans had all been eaten, and their heads were all floating on top of the water. The sea was a graveyard, with the smell of death that hit the shores.
The president of the new world council have given instructions for the presidents around the world to drop hundreds of nuclear bombs underwater together ,to kill off the aliens, who call themselves Argolians, but that was mankind’s biggest mistake.
The oceans began to boil. The polar caps starts to melt. Giant tsunamis were forming around the world. The water starts rising. Buildings were being swallowed up. Land mass were dwindling. The aliens came above the water to feed on mankind. Will mankind continue being the dominant species, or will there be a new dominant species on the planet Earth.

Latest Work

  • Storyboard 1 - Dominant Species
    Launch storyboard
    Creative Notes:
    A tale of survival when mankind is on the verge of extinction do to an alien attack.
  • Script 2 - Kevin's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The attempted nuclear destruction of an alien species worldwide had left eighty percent of Earth’s landmasses under water and mankind have to survive the aftermath.

All Work

  • Script 1 - Kevin's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This story is about how far mankind will go, without thinking,to save himself from an alien race who's technology is far more superior than ours.Which is worse? The aliens,or our own mistake?