Creator: Snipejay Reddic
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Based on true events, Showboat tells the story of the beginning of the Crips gang that was formed in Los Angeles in 1972. This movie focuses on a crucial period of time in the history of the Crips, starting in 1976.
Synopsis: We follow a young schoolboy by the name of Mark, who ends up in the wrong Junior High school just as Gangbanging starts to take-off. Mark soon becomes known as “Showboat” as he starts to bang hard, following in the path of his older brother “Crazy Bones” who is one of the original Crips members.

“Showboat” grows into a reputable member of the Crips himself after he seizes control of the Bungalows from his enemies and his reputation is enhanced… ten years later in 1986 we meet Showboat again.

Showboat is now a tall, brown skinned fine motha fucka with a long pimp perm and a beautiful smile. Only now Showboat has grown into a High Roller (what they called a Baller) and a man that all the girls love and all the men want to be.

Showboat is now flashing the cash, driving fancy cars and dressing real nice. And with his big brother “Crazy Bones” at his side (who acts as Showboat’s muscle), how long can Showboat stay alive and keep living the good life before someone takes him down?

Even though this is a Gangbanging movie there's no shooting or killing… back in those days you had to know how to fight because if you pulled a gun you would be considered a "Busta"... Crazy Bones is currently 30 and 0 in fights… but in the hood anything can happen (fight scenes would best be represented in 3D slow motion on kicks, hits and contact, then back to regular speed).

Showboat is a gripping and powerful tale filled with organized crime, high risk and gripping suspense. Showboat is a story of about making difficult and courageous decisions at the risk of losing everything and everyone. This is the true story of Showboat

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