Creator: Matthew Mangum
Age rating: Everyone
In the ancient city of Babel, King Nimrod is hunting for the prophesied child that will overthrow him. Amsalai knows that her baby Abram is the child and she will use all her feminine wiles and intrigues to keep her boy safe so he may grow to fulfill his prophesied destiny.
Synopsis: Amsalai was the mother of Abraham of the Bible. Little is known about her outside of apocryphal legends. But she was a strong woman of great faith and courage.

The film begins with Amsalai’s arranged marriage to Terah, an officer of some importance in the court of Nimrod, King of Babel, and constructor of the infamous tower. On the night of Amsalai’s wedding, Nimrod’s astrologers prophesy of a child soon to be born that would one day over throw King Nimrod’s false religion. Nimrod decrees that all male children born in the next year should be slain. Terah is given the responsibility to see that the king’s orders are carried out. Jealousies among the other priests cause them to spy on Terah and work to ruin him.

Amsalai soon discovers that she is pregnant and it is revealed to her that the child she is carrying is the child of prophesy. She goes to work with her trusted servant to hide her pregnancy from her husband. She wears looser clothing and convinces her husband that she is only gaining weight. Amsalai also helps many other women to escape the decrees of the king to keep their children safe. She cons a stable boy out of his camels and in a tense escape Amsalai’s pregnant friends escape the soldiers of the king and flee the city. When her time is come Amsalai also daringly escapes the city and baby Abram is born in a cave in the desert.

Nimrod’s spies learn of the birth of Amsalai’s son and his astrologers confirm that it is the child he is looking for. Terah is confronted and denies any knowledge of what has happened. King Nimrod demands of Terah that he bring him the body of his child. Terah seeks out his wife, and she convinces him that their child died soon after birth and presents the stillborn body of one of the other women who escaped. As Terah takes the body of the child to the king, Amsalai escapes the city with her friends, observed by spies of the king.
The deceit is revealed to the king who orders the death of Terah. Terah daringly escapes and soldiers are dispatched after Amsalai. Amsalai has a difficult journey in front of her as she searches for a refuge where Abram can grow to fulfill his destiny.

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