The Defender's Of Zephyr

Creator: Matthew Mangum
Age rating: Everyone
The mythical land of Zephyr has been overrun by the tyrants of the neighboring kingdom. Only one man can restore hope and rally the people to reestablish peace and freedom. But first he must rescue his wife.
Synopsis: Mathius is the former Captain of the King’s Defenders. Since the fall of the kingdom in the war with Pegasus Mathius has been wandering, lost and alone believing his wife and son are dead and that he caused the death of the king and loss of the kingdom. Upon arriving at the Crossroads Tavern Mathius learns of a failed farmer’s rebellion in the southern part of the kingdom. Prince Phillip has been taxing the people very heavily. Mathius decides to investigate the rebellion and see if his sword will help do any good. Upon arriving in the southern woods Mathius is challenged by a shadowy figure to a dual. It turns out to be Gideon, Mathius’s old friend and also a former Defender of Zephyr. Both had thought the other dead in the war. Gideon informs Mathius that one other Defender, Stephen, is still alive and holed up on the Island of the Giants. Mathius is also shocked to learn that Phillip has been holding his wife and son prisoner in hopes of drawing Mathius out. The two warriors draw up plans to free Mathius’s wife, the Princess Katherina, and to raise troops to drive Phillip and the Pegasus overlords out of their land.
Gideon sets off to bring word to Stephen at the Island of the Giants and Mathius sets off with Geoffrey, a young friend of Gideon’s who is good with a sword. When they arrive at Zora Phillip learns from spies that Mathius is coming and moves the princess out of the palace. Mathius learns from old loyal servants what is going on and steals a ship to chase after his wife down the river. The battle is fierce and the few survivors spread word of the swiftness of Mathius’s sword. Mathius is elated to be reunited with his wife. She too is happy, but unsure whether to believe him that he thought her dead. Five years in captivity is a long time.
Gideon manages to convince Stephen that there is hope of restoring their nation to freedom and they begin to raise troops and gather ships. On the mainland Mathius begins recruiting an army, mostly among the young. The older generation blames Mathius for the loss of their freedom in the first place.
Through trickery Mathius’s young troops seize the fortress known as Chapel Castle and another known as Zephyr Castle. Prince Phillip’s troops set up to siege, and would succeed in destroying Mathius’s small force but for the timely arrival of Stephen and Gideon’s forces. Joining forces the army marches on the main forces of Prince Phillip.
The battle is tremendous and takes them straight to the gates of Phillip’s fortress. Will freedom be restored to the people of Zephyr? And will Mathius fully regain the trust of the people and his family?

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