The Canister

Creator: Michael Ortiz
Age rating: 17 and older
A dark story set during the days of the Second World War a lone girl trudges across the landscape of Eastern Europe, dragging a mysterious metal canister behind her. Her identity and past tied to the horrors around.
Synopsis: In the war torn landscape of Eastern Europe in 1943, a lone girl trudges silently across the terrain, dragging a mysterious metal canister behind her. She soon is spied by a group of Soviet Partisans, one of them, Leila curious and concerned about the girl and her apparent muteness.

Despite her comrades' concerns, Leila begins to follow the girl, even saving her from a small German patrol. Leila tries to get the girl to speak or even to reveal what's in the canister but the girl never really replies. An SS detachment spies the girl and undaunted, she heads right for them, despite Leila's warnings.

Feeling somehow responsible Leila ambushes the SS soldiers, taking one hostage to try get them to release the girl. The German in charge mocks Leila and has no interest in trading his man for the girl. It seems Leila is going to be killed when the rest of the Soviet Partisans attack the SS squad, managing to free Leila but leaving the girl behind despite Leila's protest.

The girl follows the wounded German commander who demands to know why she's tailing him and what is in fact in the canister. He takes the canister away from the girl and opens it, finding it filled with ash and bits of human bone. Confused, he looks back at the girl who now has a pistol pointed at him. Staring at her, the German has a flash of recognition, realizing she was in a small village he butchered and torched.

Realizing he's going to die the German taunts the girl, telling her that if she kills him for revenge then she has a lot more killing ahead. The girl then realizes that Leila was with the Germans who murdered her village, possibly an informant or maybe a prostitute they'd brought in. Regardless of this, the girl shoots the German. Later she is once more off dragging the canister, seemingly in search of her next kill.

Latest Work

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    Creative Notes:
    With so many WW2 films out there it was a goal to make something a bit different, especially focusing on the macabre nature of the fighting on the Eastern Front. It was also meant to touch upon the women who fought through that conflict and allude to something possibly supernatural.