Time to Kill

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
We all know the scene. The hitman, sitting in the moonlight, gun aimed at his weeping victim. That is what Harris can do. What he can't do is fill the time before. Time spent pondering his life, wondering if he has one. Harris can kill anything that moves... except time.
Synopsis: Harris is stuck in a dead end job with lousy hours (working mostly at night) and no social interaction. He's a hitman. He yearns for a connection. His only "friend" is another hitman whom he's never even seen. Rumor has it, in an effort to connect, he even set up a Twitter account. He Tweets tips on how to be a better victim. Each tweet tells an episodic story. Here are a few.

Victim Tip #645 If you don't wanna meet guys like me in your living room, don't steal money from guys who steal money. Harris The Hitman.

Victim tip #457 If you ask to sing a song before you go (awkwardly common), don't flat. Hitmen tend to have perfect pitch. Harris The Hitman

"What happens when two guys show up for the same job?" We talk about our family, swap work stories and the dude gets shot twice. Harris the Hitman

If someone upsets me, I never shoot them for spite... but I will for much less than market. Wouldn't you? Harris The Hitman.

You know what I hear most when I do a job New Years Eve? "Thank God". Freaks me out every time. Make a change, people! Harris The Hitman.

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Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Dark Comedy
    Creative Notes:
    Harris is on an assignment. It’s an assignment like so many others. His mark, the aptly named Shekky, owes the wrong people money. Now it's too late. Now it's Harris' time. But first... Shekky has to actually come home. This gives Harris time to study Shekky's life and compare it to his own.