Alien Abductors

Creator: Andrew Robinson
Age rating: Everyone
Three street kids are kidnapped by bumbling aliens bent on taking them and others away. With the help of the local priest, they race to warn humankind before the aliens capture them again.
Synopsis: To Earth come two aliens in a not-so-high-tech ship – with a central computer with an attitude. Morphing into a young girl, Professor Pi befriends three homeless children and kidnaps them. In her lab she and Captain Tau determine that ‘umans are perfect for Rava’s (their planet) “Great Plan.” The police – at the urging of Father McDuff, a local priest – investigate the children’s disappearances.
Professor Pi – as the child, Eve – searches for “collection points” for young ‘umans and discovers most can be found in shelters. As she heads for one, CSI Officer Heidi June visits the scene of the last abduction. Returning to the precinct she finds her partner, Nick Robins talking with FBI Agent Caleb Dent. She’s confused as to why the FBI should be interested in this case, but Nick is happy to get it off his desk.
Agent Dent visits the Father, but McDuff refuses to tell him anything. He’s suspicious as to why the FBI is interested in missing street kids and Dent is very evasive. As Dent leaves he slips a listening device under McDuff’s desk. Later, Eve ends up in McDuff’s shelter and is overjoyed at the number of children there, but she stays too long and is trapped when the doors lock for the night. When she tries to breakout the Father confronts her, she slips into a bathroom and transport back to her ship. McDuff searches and is bewildered as to how Eve got out without him seeing her.
On the ship the kids – Hillary, Robby and Kim escape their cell, but are faced with the task of getting off the ship. They find the transporter room, but don’t know how to operate it and are almost caught when Pi walks in. They hide and Hillary watches Pi operate the controls. The children do likewise and decide to follow Pi (as Eve) and take her to the police to prove what’s happened to them. Unfortunately, they lose her near a hospital and decide to go to Father McDuff. He calls Heidi to come hear their story. Tau discovers that the children are gone and orders Pi to find them. She remembers Kim telling her of a helpful adult at a shelter – Father McDuff and thinks they may turn to him. As she heads for the shelter so do Nick and Heidi – who will get there first?
Eve arrives at the shelter. The Father and the kids try to grab her, but she proves to be very strong. She overpowers and ties them up! When her scanner warns of others approaching, she leaves and a moment later Agent Dent appears. But, he is not there to help. He’s an alien, an enemy of Rava’s come to destroy them and Earth. Dent blasts Eve with his laser as Nick and Heidi enter. They fight and manage to knock him out after a fierce battle. As they untie the children Eve steps into the room – completely unharmed. At last the truth comes out – the aliens are dying out and need someone to inherit their world and the responsibility to be guardians of space. When the children hear this they decide to go and the others ask to come along to help the children adjust to their new world. Before leaving McDuff grabs some things from his room. Later, when the police take a missing person’s report on the Father his assistant says the only things missing are three books, but she doesn’t know which ones. We are left to wonder, which books did he take?

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