Battle of love

Creator: Wesley Mabs
Age rating: 13 and older
The young mechanic engineering man beat the well known bad boy at his own games and saves the life of those who didn’t believe he could do it
Synopsis: The bad boy called David who is well known for his rich,
famous and beautiful intends when a mechanic engineering
students crashes all of it in a week. Wesley the mechanic
engineering student snatches Angel Morgan a well known
young lady just like that in way it left everyone closing their
mouth left without a word. Wesley lives his life with a
mother who doesn’t work and a father who works at the
near by Police station as a COP. It came as a surprise when
Wesley tells his friends that he is entering the chase of
getting Angel within a week and he does it. Wesley got
Angel like he said within a week and start his romance with
her and it gets him on feud with Angel ex man David.
Wesley and Angel relationship it didn’t affect Wesley only, it
also had his friends beaten by David who can’t accept the
defeat. David gets a gun which he has to shoot Wesley at
the beach and it turns out he shoots one of his friends, Mike
who he shoots his leg. David gets arrested and comes back
after a night and organise a celebration for his team which
has just won a championship of Basketball, during that
function, he gets in a fight with Wesley who beats him with
his friends and breaks his leg. Wesley gets arrested and
goes out through bail and decide to leave the town with
Angel and his friends

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