Creator: Christine Carter
Age rating: 13 and older
While sorting through his late father’s things, a photographer discovers an old camera that shows him horrifying visions of the future. But are they real? Or are they all in his head?
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Sloan Doss, thirty-eight is a professional photographer and devoted family man, with a wife Sumaya, age thirty-seven, son Daniel, age twelve, and daughter Emma, age nine.

While helping his mother, Maggie sorts through his late father’s things, Sloan finds an old German Leica 111 camera, some film, and an old black and white photograph of a man wearing a German Soldier’s Uniform.

He asks his mother about the camera and the photograph, but she is reluctant to discuss the matter. Finally she acknowledges the man in the photo is his grandfather and it's his camera.

As a photographer, Sloan is excited at the prospect of using the old camera and does so while photographing a client, only to get the shock of his life. On the first shutter of the camera, he sees the person he is photographing, but on each of the next shutters, he sees disturbing images of crimes involving the client.

He is horrified by the images and struggles to understand their meaning. He decides to take the camera out into the streets and test it on as many individuals or groups of people he can find...

He struggles to understand the meaning of the images until one night while watching the news: One of the crimes he had seen through the camera appears exactly as he had seen it... and by the hand of the same man he had photographed. He now understands the meaning of the images... they are real incidents that will or have happened.

Sloan finally works up the courage to confide in his wife about the camera, and she tells him to seek help. When he tries to photograph her with it, she strongly suggests he never uses this camera on the family, better yet; he should consider getting rid of it.

That night while his family sleeps, he photographs them anyway and is pleased that the camera reveals nothing. He assumes he has the perfect family, but what he doesn't know is that the camera doesn't record images when someone is asleep...

His obsession with the camera takes over his life and tension between he and his wife mounts over the camera and his lack of interest in what’s going on with his family. In the meantime, his son Daniel demonstrates troubling signs of being a sociopath that is not yet clear to either parent...

After serious consideration, Sloan reluctantly decides to take a chance and talk to the police. He finds an Officer Paxton and tells him about one of the crimes he's seen without revealing his source. Paxton takes his statement but doesn't act on it. When Sloan realizes this, he harasses Paxton by calling him and showing up at the station until he does.

And as the images continue to come, Sloan becomes curious about the camera's origin and his grandfather’s past. He researches his family history but gets stuck on his grandfather, so he seeks the help of a professor of world history.

The professor finds that Sloan’s grandfather wasn't who he said he was. He had changed his name and he was a soldier and photographer during World War II at Auschwitz. The German Leica 111 camera is the very same camera he used to photograph the horrors that took place there.

Overwhelmed by his father’s passing, the images from the camera, and researching his family’s history, Sloan begins to have a re-occurring dream of a little boy riding in the backseat of a car and waking up in the car in an open field near a wooded area.
The boy sees the man as he walks up to a woman at the edge of the woods, they argue, the man picks up a rock and strikes the woman on the head and drags her body into the woods.

Sloan is sure he’s the little boy, but he doesn't know who the man is. He makes several appointments to talk with a psychologist about his dream. The psychologist helps him through hypnosis to see the man is his father. Sloan is mortified and distraught; he questions who he really is.

Sloan goes back to Paxton with another crime, this time of a kidnapping. He delivers what he deems to be a valuable piece of evidence, but Paxton is angry and suggests that Sloan is either unstable or is trying to atone for something he has done in the past, or else is somehow involved in the crime.

Paxton once again sits on the information and runs a background check on Sloan and his entire family instead. He finds nothing on Sloan except for a speeding ticket, but he does find that Sloan’s father was a suspect in the disappearance of a woman over thirty years ago...

Meanwhile Sloan photographs another family at his studio and sees a tragic drunk driving accident involving the sixteen year old girl and her friend in their future. He tries to warn the girl and her father and they don't respond well. They tell him to mind his own damn business and the father accuses him of stalking his daughter. Sloan feels helpless and overwhelmed.

The kidnapping Sloan warned the police about does in fact happen, and Paxton drags Sloan into his office to demand he tell him how he knew about it. Sloan, still overwhelmed by the incident involving his last client, is furious the police never acted on the information he supplied them with in the first place.

Exhausted, Sloan begins to think his wife is right about the camera, so he puts it away. He apologizes to her for putting the camera ahead of his family’s needs and comes clean about what he discovered about his father and grandfather.

The young woman who was kidnapped is found alive, thanks to the evidence Sloan provided the police, and Paxton comes to the begrudging conclusion that Sloan must be some kind of psychic. He tells him to come and find him if anything else comes up.

Sloan’s relationship with Sumaya appears to be back on track, but that night she tells him it's her he should be worried about. He needs to pay closer attention to Daniel's behavior...

Heeding her advice, he decides to spend some time alone with Daniel, takes him fishing for the weekend. While they're on their fishing trip, Sumaya and Emma spend some quality time together. That's when Emma tells her mother that Daniel picks on her incessantly when they're not around and he's the one responsible for her broken wrist a year ago. Sumaya is horrified.

Meanwhile, Sloan is about to get the biggest shock of his life. When Daniel catches a big fish, Sloan can't resist. He takes a picture with his grandfather’s camera...

As he begins to photograph Daniel, he sees an older version him as he tortures a young man in a basement. Sloan can't bring himself to see if Daniel will kill the young man, so he stops photographing him, doubled over in torment.

He throws Daniel in the car and speeds away from the waterfront. He dials the number of his psychologist, but the phone on the other end just rings!!! And rings!!! And rings!!!

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