Downing Street

Creator: Cory Jenkins
Age rating: 13 and older
The door of Number 10 opens and the lives of all who work behind it are full of tragedy, mystery and adventure. A British Prime Minister and his staff must fight everyone to stay in power, but the greatest fight is behind the black door itself.
We begin in a Welsh constituency, where British Prime Minister Tom Overton is greeting crowds, moments later he is shot. He wakes up a year earlier, just before his general election victory. His new special advisors, Sophie and Ryan, handpicked because of speeches they'd written years previously, arrive and are thrust into a Downing Street in full electoral swing. They meet Nicola, the loyal and hardworking chief of staff and Robert, the eternally stressed director of communications. They also meet their, at first resistant, colleagues - Kay, Andrew and Neil. They prepare the PM for the debate, which thanks to their help he wins decisively. Amidst the madness, security is questioned when a man by the name of Eddie Nelson is able to enter the PM's office in an attempt to pass over his CV. Later, when Sophie's boyfriend leaves her for someone "more likely to advance his career", the PM and his entire cabal go to the pub the boyfriend and his new flame are drinking at and make a big show of Sophie. Sophie and Ryan become part of the Downing Street family thereafter. The Chancellor, Matthew and his wife, Angie, are keen to depose Tom. They have a copy of his medical records showing he is secretly of very ill-health. Which, pending the election result, they intend to leak. Meanwhile, Emma, Tom's wife, is displeased with him continuing to run for office on account of his health and his promise that if it ever got in the way of family he would quit. Their younger daughter, Poppy, is consistently having her friend Chloe over to stay and they secretly begin a relationship.

Tom wins the election but is quickly thrust into difficulty when an SAS commander is killed in a covert operation that he ordered without informing cabinet or parliament. He faces a motion of no confidence and vehemently defends his actions to the house and faces off the opposition; stressing that the soldier's death was not in vain. Whilst outwardly he has never looked stronger, inwardly his health fails further. Matthew leaks his medical records, but is observed in the act by Kay. He assaults, threatens and rapes her - believing nothing can stop him.

Ryan and Sophie begin to develop feelings for each other but decide to keep things platonic. An ailing Tom sees Poppy and Chloe kissing but does not disturb them. He instructs Robert to inform the public the medical records are fake, which he reluctantly does. At home, Kay confesses to her husband Marcus that she was raped by "someone very powerful" and she has no hope of escape or justice. He goes for a walk to cool off and returns to find her hanging. Kay's death sends ripples through Downing Street. At her funeral, Sophie and Ryan finally declare their love for each other.

At conference, Matthew's speech causes an intentional stir and upsets the Saudis, and an oil crisis follows. This leads to large scale riots and only a defiant speech from Tom the next day calms things down. His staff urge him to sack Matthew but he reluctantly declines, fearing party rebellion. During the crisis, Poppy berates Tom for neglecting her as a child and his health fails further. Emma urges him to speed up any resignation plans but he feels he cannot leave things as they are so soon after the election.

At Christmas, Tom reconciles with Poppy; revealing he saw the kiss and always knew she was gay, he was only waiting for her to have the strength to come to him. He tells her he couldn't be more proud of her. Robert continues to deal with leaks from within and launches a Downing Street inquisition to find the perpetrator. Sophie reveals to Nicola she is pregnant with Ryan's child and agonises over whether or not to have an abortion.

Further leaks identify Tom's medical records as accurate - he smashes up the Downing Street flat and flees to Chequers in desperation. Sophie is sent to retrieve him as Number 10 descends into chaos. She tells Tom of her pregnancy dilemma and he replies he faced a similar situation once. Through flashbacks we see Tom's rise from poverty to power; including where he receives a phone call from Emma during university telling him she is pregnant at 17. Tom reluctantly chooses between a career or a child, he chooses the child and leaves Oxford to take care of Emma and their first daughter Abby. Sophie reinvigorates him and as Matthew prepares to launch a motion of no confidence within the party, Tom makes an impassioned defence on television where he apologises for lying and comes clean about his life. It wins him great acclaim. Robert offers his resignation for his role in the lying, but Tom rejects this, saying Robert is his best friend and it was not his fault. Sophie tells Ryan about the baby and he is incredibly supportive, together they decide to keep it.

Tom tells Emma he believes Matthew is behind the leaks but has no way to prove it. In the March budget, Matthew delivers a stunning performance and is hailed as Tom's obvious successor. Tom informs Robert, Sophie and Ryan of his intention to resign after the May elections, but only if he's sure Matthew won't succeed him. As they search for clues to bring Matthew down, Tom has dinner with his family, which descends into chaos when Abby's devout Christian husband chastises Poppy for being gay. Ryan discovers evidence of Matthew's betrayals and Tom accepts he will stand down immediately after the May elections and will endeavour to ensure his loyal staff are kept on when he leaves. He hosts a dinner for his staff to announce this, and the next day heads off to Wales with Sophie and Robert on a campaign visit. Back at Downing Street, Nicola and Ryan prepare to expose Matthew as a traitor.

Back in Wales, Tom is walking up the street greeting crowds before he is shot by Kay's husband, Marcus (although up to this point the viewer is led to believe the shooter will be Eddie Nelson, the Downing Street trespasser, who also happens to be on the street that day.) Marcus shoots Tom falsely believing he was Kay's rapist. Marcus himself is promptly shot dead by armed police. Tom utters his final words as he is held by Sophie, and dies in the ambulance en route to hospital - dying to a flashback of his life and a vision of his wife and his two girls when they were little waving goodbye to him in a sunny garden. Robert visits his body and tearfully bids his best friend goodbye, after which Emma goes to see Tom's body with the newly acquired knowledge he was going to retire as he always promised. She breaks down next to him and begs him to stay with her. The series ends with Tom's state funeral in which 20,000 people - soldiers and civilians march behind their slain Prime Minister's coffin - with a slightly smirking Matthew walking just behind it.

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