Permaculture Willi - Hawk Drone @ Food Forest

Creator: Willi Paul
Age rating: Everyone
Virtual Reality meets Permaculture!
Synopsis: SCENE ONE
Narrator - Permaculture Willi is in a hurry today to find some ripened fruit for the community dinner tonight. Luckily, she has her Hawk Drone to help her search through the Food Forest.

Permaculture Willi - Here we go Hawk Drone! Let’s find something tasty.

Narrator - By using her tablet, Permaculture Willi can see what Hawk Drone sees and can find clues for food much more easily.

Permaculture Willi - Haa! Just like my permaculture training class said. The tallest trees are in the Canopy, the Smaller Trees to Shrubs to Herbaceous to the Rhizosphere, then to Cover Crops, Climbers, and then the Soil.

Permaculture Willi - This is what I am searching for! But what exactly is it? Maybe Blackberries?

Narrator - Permaculture Willi is elated and gathers berries for her neighborhood event later that evening. With a simple command, she sends Hawk Drone on home.
Permaculture Willi - "Bye, Hawk. Thanks for your help."

Narrator - With her fruit and sticky red-black fingers, Permaculture Willi traces her steps back out of the Food Forest. Another great day of healthy food just steps away from her neighborhood.

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