400 Yards Under Cleveland

Creator: Jon Reedholm
Age rating: 13 and older
An Italian Don enlists old friends to assemble an oddball crew and steal the 15 ft. square, 9-ton ceiling from his childhood church now in a Cleveland museum.

Big job needing a big tunnel, a big crew—and some big balls, too.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Childhood friends, Ben Crawford and Ethan Smith spent most of their life underground, digging tunnels for their “day gig” as burglars. Of course, their friendship wasn’t always that friendly and their tunnels weren’t always that safe.

Centuries ago Michelangelo’s apprentice Volterra painted a beautiful baptismal ceiling in Poppi, Italy, hometown of Don Marco, a wartime friend of Ben. After the churched was bombed during WWII, the ceiling exchanged hands until it finally landed in a basement—in a museum—in Cleveland, OH. And the Don wants his ceiling back.

So the Don hires old friends, Ben and Ethan, who assemble an oddball crew and set out to steal the 15 ft. square, 9-ton ceiling by tunneling 400 yards under the Cuyahoga River.

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