The Conquest of Space

Creator: Mark Watson
Age rating: 17 and older
A re-imagining of the 1955 Paramount Pictures film of the same title, The Conquest of Space is a completely new live-action/CGI-animated family comedy from DreamWorks Animation, Amazon Studios and Illumination.
Synopsis: In a galaxy far, far away from billions and billions of light years on Earth, an intergalactic hobo named Raymond "Space Railer" Masterson travels to unchartered worlds of planetary combat, where the conflicts of destructive secrecy are inplemented on a wheel-shaped spaceship known as "Masterson's Millions" when robotic law enforcers threaten to save humanity. Together with Masterson's fellow hobo sidekicks Ernest "Intergalacticer" Masterson, Dean Horslips, Sgt. Will St. Crosshair, Derek Schwarzenegger, Capt. Phyllis Android, a robot in female human form, Sean Masterson, Raymond's 6-year-old space raider son, Sheriff Stunryfler, Drake the Jabberbot, and a slew of alien and martian villains and countervillains, androidal contraptions, guntraptions, earthlings, extraterrestraial shooters and other enemies invading Saturn, Neptune, Mars and the planets Fragman, Gunexpeditioneer and Mastersonville, as well as 500,750-plus strange and amazing new planets and planet colonies he and his crew of space wonks fighting back against the forces of planetary justice.

The Conquest of Space tells the story of a team of planetary explorers discovering new and far-out, astonishing worlds of intergalactic combat. Combining a cast of familiar faces that include Frank Caliendo, Anthony LaPaglia, Jonathan LaPaglia, DeRay Davis, Shailene Woodley, LeBron James and Harry Styles with brand new CGI-animated characters and astonishing special visual effects, The Conquest of Space is a new vision of a technologically advanced world where the impossible is possible and everything unthinkable is thinkable.

Directed by Pete Decter (Monsters, Inc., Monsters University) and based on the best selling science fiction cult classic, The Conquest of Space is a 3-hour parody of deep space - but watch out for what could happen light years away!

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    Amazon Studios, Ilumination Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation bring the futuristic 1955 science-fiction cult favorite The Conquest of Space to theatres, Amazon Video, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, YouTube Red, XFINITY TV, DIRECTV and many other media and entertainment platforms for the first time