Reno Nevada Rides to Hell

Creator: Richard Garrison
Age rating: 13 and older
In a steampunk-envisioned wild west, a gunfighter 'gadgeteer' joins forces with a preacher and his beautiful daughter to travel to the netherworld and relock the Gates of Hell.
Synopsis: RENO NEVADA is a disillusioned gunfighter who wanders the desolate landscape of the southwestern frontier atop his towering black stallion, SAMSON. Reno doesn't want to admit it, but something evil is loose upon the world, darkening the landscape with death, pestilence and despair.

Reno falls into the hands of his nemesis, HARLAN, who tortures Reno to learn the whereabouts of a map that leads to the Gates of Hell. He is rescued by THE PREACHER, who tries in vain to enlist Reno's help by descending into Hell and closing the gate, thereby ridding the world of the evil upon it.

It isn't until Reno finds himself face-to-face with Hell's demons that he reconsiders and joins the Preacher and his beautiful daughter, EVE, in their quest. To win, he'll need to defeat the worst that Hell can throw at him and beat Harlan at his own game.

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