Total Heroes

Creator: Steve Lam
Age rating: Everyone
A comic book-loving bullied teen and his pals must rescue their classmates from terrorist thieves, but their only knowledge of fighting comes from the superheroes they adore.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: “Total Heroes” is a blend of “The Goonies” and “Die Hard.” The story is about a comic book-loving teen named Isaac who, along with his best friends Norman and Eugene, endure the tortures of high school bullying each day. One superhero Isaac is obsessed with is The Guardian Ghost - a stoic figure that always saves the day and gets the girl. Isaac doesn't just admire The Guardian Ghost; he daydreams about being The Guardian Ghost. When Isaac discovers that the reclusive creator of The Guardian Ghost will be in New York City, he hatches a plan to use the school field trip to a museum as a means to get his copy of The Guardian Ghost #1 signed.

Arriving at the museum, Isaac, Norman, and Eugene sneak off to another part of the building. At the same time, a curator stumbles upon terrorist thieves and their leader, Jeremiah Church. Jeremiah and his team, unable to keep their cover any longer, take the whole museum hostage along with the students. Unaccounted for as hostages, Isaac and his friends plan only to call and wait for help to come. But, when that plan is foiled by the cunning Church, and seeing a chance to impress a girl he has a crush on, Chrissie, Isaac hatches a plan to use what he has learned from comic books to save his class. As Isaac and his friends face danger and death to rescue everyone, they learn something about themselves and what it means to become total heroes.

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