Age rating: 17 and older
Match your wits with our mystery detectives and solve the crime! Nine suspects. Who is the killer?
Synopsis: Van Johnson, artist, is murdered in his loft, stabbed multiple times. Our cops interview nine suspects. Who is the killer? Is it Nancy Vandiver, his muse and possible lover? She discovered his dead body. Or maybe the killer is Javy, Nancy's boyfriend. He was incredibly jealous over their relationship. Or maybe Van's wife, Ann-Marie, killed him out of a jealous rage. Van's twin brother, Phillip, blind in one eye, has a motive. Van blinded him when they were in college. Or what about Maurice, Van's agent and the man who owns most of his art? The death of the artist might send the value of his art through the roof. There is also Harry, the private eye Ann-Marie hired to spy on her husband. Or Simon, a happy Jamaican who was dealing drugs to Van. And the last two suspects, Polly and Pam, half-sisters living downstairs from Van. Both hated him. And somebody stole a lot of money out of Van's apartment. The clues are there. Can you solve the crime?

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  • Test Movie 6 - New Cut (hi-res)
    Creative Notes:
    Our goal with this work is to create a pilot movie for a new kind of mystery format. What we're attempting to do is craft an interactive movie in which the viewer participates and attempts to solve the crime. Viewers who solve the mystery could text in who the killer is and possibly win a prize. In this revised version we eliminated a scene and tightened the suspense.
  • Test Movie 5 - Rough Cut 2
    Creative Notes:
    Improved sound quality.
  • Test Movie 4 - Rought Cut
    Creative Notes:
    It's a highly interactive movie. You never see the cops. They're off-camera. At the same time, you become a cop. You step into their shoes, and you listen to the interrogation. Is she lying? Is he the killer? Nine suspects, and you have to solve the crime. You almost want to take notes.

    We used a lot of improv. I'm really happy with my actors. They did an awesome job.
  • Test Movie 3 - Animation, Scene 2
    Creative Notes:
    This is an animated version of the second scene in our feature film. More humor and now the cop is our protagonist.
  • Test Movie 2 - Animation
    Creative Notes:
    This is an animated version of the first scene of our movie. I'll be uploading additional scenes as they are finished. The full-length live action movie will be up in January.
  • Test Movie 1 - opening montage
    Creative Notes:
    This is an opening montage we use as a trailer to introduce all our characters. It's 30 seconds. We will be uploading our whole feature in early January.
  • Script 1 - Taylor's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is our original screenplay. I've shot a test movie that I'll be uploading in January. We did a lot of improv during our shooting and changed our structure dramatically in post-production.