Creator: Natalie Kerman
Age rating: Everyone
We follow a five-year-old girl Sara from Iran who does not understand why everyone has to act in such bizarre way. We experience her life through her thoughts and eyes and see a world of lies, breakups, war, disappointments, and loneliness.
Synopsis: Sara is a happy five year old Persian girl who is living a joyful life with her mother, uncle and grandmother until one day, her father who she doesn't know him very well, takes her away along with his wicked wife to another city Ahwaz, without telling anyone. Sara is in shock and does not understand what is going on. She misses her mother, uncle and grandmother, but every time she mentions them, she gets punished.

One day she takes her only friend Moni, a teddy bear, and leaves the house hoping to find her mother.

The war between Iran- Iraq has just begun (1979) and we find Sara in Ahwaz, in the middle of street, watching the bombs in the sky. She thinks they are fireworks.

Sara is saved by a man who takes her to a nearest shelter until the bombing is over. When they come out, Sara sees lots of blood, dead people on the floor and destroyed buildings. This is a shock for her. She stops talking and won't answer to any quesitons. The man has no choice but taking her to his place.

The man and his wife have lost their only child some years ago . The couple is planning to leave the country and go to Turkey. The man is against to take Sara a long but the woman wants her. She says that her daughter has returned from heaven. That God has listened to her prayers. She wants them to be a family again.

The couple and Sara have to escape the country through mountains, dressed like sheep to cross the border and go to Turkey.

Meantime the police and Sara's family are looking for her but she is no longer in Iran. The couple now knows that policemen and Sara's family are looking for her. The man doesn't want any problem in a foreign country. Besides his happy that Sara can go back to her family. But the woman doesn't like the idea. After many discussion, the man takes Sara to a park and tells her to play seek and hide. And in this way he disappears and Sara suddenly is alone in a park and does not know what to do. She screams for him, for help but nobody understand what is she saying and she doesn't understand what people are telling her.

A policeman takes her to a police station, and after that to an orphanage. Sara has a hard time there especially when they rob her only friend Moni.

In orphanage she just sitting in a corner and watching the door, imagining to see her mother.

But will she see her mother again?

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Natalie's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    It is based on true story mixed with fiction from my book "Tengo cinco aƱos" that I published some years ago in Spain. It is drama-comey about a little girl's experiences in different family environment.