Unnatural Causes

Creator: Daniel Pilgrim
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
An obituary writer who unsuccessfully moonlights as an author under a pen name writes the obit for his alter ego - and sales suddenly skyrocket. He soon must face drug-induced pigeons with PhD's, a girlfriend wanting commitment, and an agent who wants to keep him "dead."

An obituary writer who moonlights as an author under a pen name has loads of talent and even more obscurity. After a night of heavy drinking, he writes the obituary for his alter ego – and sales suddenly skyrocket.

BRIDGER JONES is stuck in the nine to five dead end as a newspaper obituary writer. The novels that he writes on the side under a pen name are just not selling. To add to the pressure, his girlfriend wants commitment, his flamboyant assistant is trying to steal his job, and he’s being stalked by a pigeon trained in psychotherapy.

Upon news of dismal sales for his latest novel, Bridger gets drunk and writes the obituary for his pen name. He later discovers at an AA meeting that sales have gone through the roof and ALAN POE, his pen name, is now a famous author.

Bridger's agent tells him to sit tight while things are sorted out. Meanwhile, he finds out through amateur detective work that his agent and publisher are spending all his money. And finding an attorney who believes his story is a hopeless endeavor fraught with security guards not afraid to bodily eject him from the law offices.

Through a string of drunken shenanigans he ends up in a mental hospital with short-term memory loss. The unending medication given at the hospital leaves Bridger delirious and with visions of a giant pigeon offering up its own fowl therapy.

It looks as if Bridger is doomed for life to have to spill his guts to an oversized make-believe pigeon and fight the either end medication administration from the head nurse. But then his unknowing parents are shown on tv discussing his death and revealing that he was actually Alan Poe, a revelation to both him and his pill-pushing, self-absorbed psychiatrist.

Bridger soon faces the fire at the newspaper and learns of his boss’ past indiscretions involving a cherub fountain and a twelve inch hotdog. This is not enough to spare Bridger, however, and he is still fired.

From rock bottom, Bridger turns it all around. He gives up drinking, marries Kate (again, with pigeon involvement), and rekindles his career as a successful writer. All he had to do to achieve fame and fortune was to kill himself.

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